I was making a pair of skins but life got in the way aaaa
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    Hey there! I'm a shut-in introvert and making skins is my next obsession! I'm newish to making skins and I'm using my favorites section as references for hair, outfits and stuff.
    Goal: get to lvl 20 so I can be an expert procrastinator lol Woo goal achieved! (and also make more skins and have fun I guess)
    Long term ultimate goal: Get a PLAYER skin on trending. (Wow so I guess it did happen lol! The End of the Dinosaur Kingdom Mob Skin got on the popular reel :O)
    Upload Schedule: As often as I can! Sometimes irl gets busy :<

    If I'm not uploading for a while I'm either working on something, or real life got busy. (Most likely the latter)
  • Read this if you're lookin for unique skins

    #1. Skin Collection Plans
    #2. Im going to do this thing of "collections" where there will be a few skin series that all tie into a general theme. The multiple skins in each individual series will have an even more specific theme/topic.
    Ex. Collection1: Series1, Series2, Series3
    Series1: Skin1, Skin2, Skin3, Skin4 || Series2: Skin1, Skin2, Skin3 || Series3: Skin1, Skin2, Skin3, Skin4, Skin5
    If that makes sense, stick around if you want to see that maybe lol

    I have 3 collections planned. One collection has at least 5 series in it and will be high effort. The other collection will have 3 or less series in it and be lower effort lol. The third collection will not have individual series. It will be skins based on my favorite lyrics from my favorite songs. If you're a skin maker and like music maybe you'd like to try this one too!

    Then I have some duos and bonus skins planned to be released separately. Some will tie in with a collection and others will be unrelated.
    One of my existing series (I guess) is the cat onesies but I don't really consider it official.

    Skin Collection list [WIP]
    Skin Collection: F.M.N. [​UNRELEASED] Coming next spring probably
    (9) Skin series: D????? of the W??????? F?????? +3 bonus skins: N????? N????? and D????? of A????? G??????
    (13) Skin series: M?????? G????? of the D?????
    Skin series: O?? A???????? from the D?????
    Skin series: The P???? B????
    Skin series: The H?????? C???
    (6) Skin series: C???? C??????? +1 bonus skin

    Skin Collection: RGB G????? [​UNRELEASED] Coming December thru January maybe
    Skin series: D??? M???
    Skin series: R?????? G??????? R?????
    Skin series: G????? C??????? R?????

    Skin collection: Music inspired [​ONGOING] More coming whenever I feel like making more skins

    #2 Skin requests (lots of text)
    Currently closed.
    I haven't made skins for a while and I want to focus on some of my own spring skins.

    Terms and conditions:
    [​All request skins will be publicly submitted to my profile]
    [​If you alter a skin I made and want to upload it, please credit me]

    1. I don't want to sound full of myself but I'm not putting time and effort into a skin just for one person to ever use it. I could have used that time and effort for a different skin that more people could see and use. (or I could have used that time for anything else)

    2. Publicly posting the skin to my profile also eliminates most of the risk of being taken advantage of. Some bad actor might request a skin just to upload it as their own. I'm new to this community so I don't really know the culture and as such, Im being cautious. Art thieves can be anywhere though, even on a minecraft community site.

    3. But you don't have to take this too seriously. I also just want to level up more and be more popular and uploading more skins helps lmao. Please don't be afraid to request a skin. I think these rules seem pretty reasonable but if there's any issues or if this is weird please send feedback lol.

    If you want to make a request please copy and paste this at the end:

    [​X] I have read and agree to the terms and conditions
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