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[Bukkit][Plugin] ExpPerks V1.2 (UPDATED - SEE CHANGELOG)

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About ExpPerks

ExpPerks is a simple and light weight plugin that allows players to purchase various perks with their experience levels. ExpPerks is highly configurable and easy to install and use.

ExpPerks Features

  • Allows players to purchase various different kinds of perks
  • Ability to remove a certain perk or all perks
  • ExpPerk signs
  • Perk cost, duration, and amplifier are fully configurable
  • Easy to use
  • Permissions
  • Fast and easy install

ExpPerks Commands

  • /ep - Brings up the command menu
  • /ep info - Brings up the information about ExpPerks plugin
  • /ep list - Lists all the available perks
  • /ep help perk - Brings up the information about the selected perk
  • /ep buy perk - Buys the desired perk
  • /ep remove perk - Removes the desired perk
  • /ep remove all - Removes all perks

ExpPerks Permissions

  • expperks.ep - If player has this permission they are able to use the ExpPerks command /ep buy
  • expperks.makesign - If player has this permission they are able to make ExpPerk signs
  • expperks.usesign - If player has this permission they are able to use ExpPerk signs

ExpPerks Configuration

The Cost is how much the perk will cost in levels. The default cost for SPEED perk is 10, so the player will pay 10 levels to obtain the speed perk. The Duration is how long the perk will be active for in seconds. The default duration for all perks is 300 seconds, or 5 minutes. The Amplifier is the level of the perk. The default amplifier for all perks is 2, which is level 2.

(note, this is the configuration for only one perk. All the other perks include the same configuration format) SpeedCost: 10 SpeedDuration: 300 SpeedAmplifier: 2

ExpPerk Signs

This feature allows you to make ExpPerk signs which act like trading signs. If a player right clicks the desired ExpPerk sign they will obtain the perk, of course if they have enough levels.
ExpPerk Sign Syntax
  • The numbers just symbolize which line you place the text on!
  • Not case sensitive!
  • Refer to "ExpPerks Perk List" under "Perk name for sign" for ExpPerk sign perk names
  • Leave line 3 and 4 blank, as they will auto fill in when you make the sign
  • If a player has permissions and right clicks the sign, they will attempt to buy the perk if they have enough levels
  1. expperks OR [expperks]
  2. perkname

ExpPerks Sign

ExpPerks Perk List

PerkName for Command | Perk name for sign
  • Speed | Speed
  • Haste | Haste
  • Jump | Jump
  • Night Vision | NightVision
  • Strength | Strength
  • Resist | DmgResist
  • Fire Immunity | FireResist
  • Water Breath | WaterBreath
  • Regeneration | Regen
  • Heal | Heal
  • Invisibility | Invisibility
  • (Is there a perk missing that you think should be here? Suggest it in the comment section below!)

ExpPerks Download

How to Install

  1. Download ExpPerks.jar
  2. Place ExpPerks.jar into your "plugins" folder
  3. You're done! Run your server and enjoy!
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.5.2

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 06/18/2013 7:54:58 pmJun 18th, 2013

Added permissions
Added sign support, ExpPerk sign
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