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AOE Arrows - mc 1.19

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Jedimindtrick44 avatar Jedimindtrick44
Level 18 : Journeyman Dragon
There are 7(+2) arrows, currently that work in this structure....
Zeus, and Yeet both have switches that you can use to set smaller or larger radius clouds. Even though it looks like it's on, you need to flip the switch back and forth to get it to register the first time you load this structure.

Zeus creates a large aoe cloud that Summons lightning on any @e and sets weather to thunder

Yeet gives @e lev 99 for 1 sec.

Cake makes a cake, clears the weather, and gives a health buff and fills your hunger bar.

Tnt Summons Tnt @e

Ghost gives wither, glowing and invisibility. Kind of cool combo, kills just about everything eventually

Portal teleports to the basement of the structure. It also sorts cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep into the back yard. It sends mobs and other entities to an inescapable torture machine in the basement.
There are two other portal arrows avaliable, but the locations are hard coded into the blocks, so I don't know where they will teleport you in your world. You can edit the location for each in the command block. You'll see the ones with the signs on them. 3rd floor.

Hindrance gives blindness while you're in the cloud, and nausea for 30 sec after you get out


This is an nbt file generated using in-game structure blocks. It contains a multi-story house with 3 levels of arrows, and some awesome gear on the top floor. It was made to be a reward house for survival mode. I intend to add on to this in the future.

The portal arrows now work based on reletive locations, which means they sort cow's, pigs, sheep and chickens to the back yard (byo fence) and all non player mobs into a torture device that they cannot escape. This machine relies on a mine cart going in circles to trigger it. You might need to give it a push after you first load the file. It's in the basement.

Do not rotate the structure or the relative locations will not work. Also, dig 7 blocks down and place the structure block to get the front door lined up right.

Unzip the file, and place it in...
/minecraft/saves/(your_world_name)/generated/minecraft/structures/(file Here)
-If you do not have a "generated" folder, it's just because you've never used a structure block in that world. You should load the world, and save a small structure so minecraft generates the file hierarchy before moving on to the next step. I've also just made the folders myself and it's worked just fine as well.

Go into that world and get a structure block
(/give @p structure_block)

use the structure block to load "mothership1-119-d7" (or whatever the filename is, without ".nbt" at the end)

If you are a "rick" or a "morty" you are immune to all negative effects of the arrows

There is a command block that will teleport you to the front door if you don't have the tag "rick" or "morty" and you try and come in. You need the tag "rick" to go up to the second floor to get arrows. You have to sacrifice a netherite block for Rick status, or a Gold block for Morty status. You only have to do this once per world. You can access the space to place the block near the front door.
Bypass this with the command "/tag <playername> add rick"

Each arrow has one block that gives you the arrow (the one connected to the button), and a series of command blocks which carry out the functions. You can tweak the numbers in those command blocks to get a bigger radius on an are of effect cloud, or a longer effect. Have fun, if you mess it up, you can always reload it.
I have put labels on one of the sets of arrows to indicate what each block does. These are general guides, and all the arrows follow the same basic format. This is to help anyone who wants to tweak them.

On the top floor is some overpowered gear. All diamond.
The crossbow shoots ridiculously fast. And has tri shot.

There are two sets of pants, one gives high jump lvl 5 while worn. That relies on a set of command blocks also on the top floor. If those command blocks aren't loaded (if the structure isn't in the spawn chunk) then the jump boost won't work, as with all the other armor perks.

Diamond chestplate gives mega health buff while worn.

Two types of special boots. One set gives you super speed, the other is so cold that anything the wearer steps on turns to ice, including air.

As long as the structure is in your spawn chunk, then the arrows and armor will work anywhere in the world. If you place this structure outside of the spawn chunk, then the arrows and gear will only work when the chunk containing the structure is loaded (ie, you're near it)
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19

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