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Barbarians [1.18.2 Forge]

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Are you a fan of piglin tribes in the Nether and want to see something similar in the Overworld? Or perhaps would you like to liven up the surface a bit during daytime? This small project should be able to give you a balanced, but efficient option in both cases.

The mod introduces a new early game threat: barbarians. Pillage their camps to obtain resources and a new advancement in Adventure category. It is strongly recommended to install "Parrying Shield" mod alongside this one as barbarians make use of an item from it (link to mod).

New Overworld faction:

Barbarians appear throughout the Overworld. They are humans who were led astray through mysterious circumstances. Barbarians are bad at smithing, so their equipment is limited to wooden tools and leather armor (except for the ones at badlands who use gold instead). However, they are more dangerous than your average zombie because of their speed and numbers. Barbarians are also capable of wielding a unique shield called Buckler as long as "Parrying Shield" mod is installed (link to mod).

Barbarian camps:

Barbarians gather at small makeshift camps during the day. If you see a barbarian, then one may be located nearby. A camp usually consists of some stone debris, Campfire and Barbarian Loot Box. The latter is where barbarians store their loot and they will not part with it without a fight.

Each camp can only house a limited number of barbarians. Some of them are tasked with guarding their camp while others roam the area. Relieve guards of their duty to temporarily prevent new barbarians from appearing (camps become active again after you go far away). Break either Loot Box or Campfire to disable a camp for good. Barbarians are mostly active during the day, so nighttime may be more favorable for pillaging camps.

You can change camp spawn chance through a new game rule called "barbarianCampChance". It controls what percentage of camps will spawn at chosen positions. The outcome does not depend on world seed, meaning it is different every time the world is recreated.

Barbarians can build new camps upon despawning during the day through natural means (when no players are nearby). A new camp is placed if the barbarian is more than 32 blocks away from coordinates of the last camp visited (even if it is already disabled) and is more than 32 blocks away from other barbarians. The new "barbarianCampChance"game rule does affect the probability of this event.
CreditThe mod is created with the help of MCreator. Credit for some of the textures goes to anonymous users from Novaskin.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18

5 Update Logs

v1.0.5 : by Nider 06/28/2022 9:54:43 amJun 28th

- "doBarbarianCamps" game rule is removed.
- New game rule is added: "barbarianCampChance". Default value is 100. It controls what percentage of camps will spawn at chosen positions (both during world gen and by despawning barbarians). The outcome does not depend on world seed, meaning it is different every time the world is recreated.
- Barbarians now have a very small chance to naturally spawn in the Overworld at Y=40 and above.

- Existing barbarians despawn faster and new ones no longer spawn during thunderstorms (same as during nighttime).
- The minimal distance to nearest player required for camp guards to respawn is increased from 64 to 96 blocks.
- Guards are now always summoned when a new camp is built by barbarian.
- Crafting Tables may now occasionally spawn as part of barbarian camps.
- Barbarian Loot Boxes can now be used as fuel.
- Babarian camps no longer have a small chance to have an extra Loot Box.
- Additional code cleanups to make updating the mod easier.

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