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Plunge your worlds into a wonderfully brutal light fantasy adaptation of late medieval Europe with BAYALIN! - an all-new, utterly horrifying content pack for 1.16.5!


With over 80 new weapons and 20 new armor sets reflecting the very best the middle ages (and some parts of the Early Modern period) have to offer, crush, stab, and hack thy enemies to bits with everything from longswords to every manner of bill and hammer!

And it doesn’t end there! Check out all these other things this mod bears
  • Jolly cutthroats cutting throats in the woods
  • Bandit camps where said cutthroats cut throats
  • Two new types of bandit-infested castles and fortresses full of loot and plunder (and more throat-cutting cutthroats)
  • Roving mercenaries to kidnap and press into your army (via a lead or telekinetically)
  • Abandoned structures reflecting the glorious state of desolation that hath befallen the land
  • Over 40 kinds of new and exciting medieval dishes to stuff thy face with
  • Butter!


Can I redistribute Bayalin on my sketchy Russian mod piracy website?

Nay, I will sue thy face; do not redistribute.

Can I take textures from this mod and use them for other nefarious purposes?


Are you planning to adjust the ranges of weapons like polearms?

I shall, ye. Well, once I figure out how to. I made this via MCreator. Sadly, I am but a humble pixel painter knight man. I know not how to adjust the weapon range. For now...

Will you add ranged weapons?

As aforementioned, I made this mod via MCreator. I can make ranged weapons with this, but they always seem to be fully or semi-automatic (too fast for medieval ranged weapons!). That said, hopefully I can find a workaround for this. Expect ranged weapons like early guns in a future update, though!

Why is the armor so boosted?!

Plate armor. Is. BOOSTED! People get knocked off of horses and get trampled in this stuff! There’s a reason people wore it - it was the very best pre-modern warfare could offer in the way of not dying. Good shtuff good shtuff.

Why are the weapons so boosted?!

As armour evolved, so too did weapons in an effort to bypass it. Poleaxes/polehammers, one-handed hammers, halberds - these things all developed to counter armour. With or without it on, these weapons will definitely break something. Thus, their ability to drop practically anyone with less than 30 health in-game is to reflect how a mace to the skull or ribs (as we in-game tend to aim for) will probably disable the f*ck out of whatever you just swung at, regardless of what they have over it.

Will you implement something of a more realistic crafting system?

Probably not, nah. Wanted to, ye, but I didn’t wanna make something too terribly complicated. Okay, that’s a lie - I got lazy! STILL. Maybe someday.

Can I expect more content in future updates?

Frick. Yes. Maybe.

Will you release this for older versions?

Probably not. Nay.

I love you.

I love you, too.
Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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