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Beasts Of Elements

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avatar Mrmystery96
Level 3 : Apprentice Crafter
Minecraft mobs are too easy to kill? You need more challenge that will be far greater than wither?

Wither, Ender Dragon, Elder Guardian, Giant aren’t a challenge anymore and are too weak for you?

Well don’t worry BOE will add 3 new mini-boss mobs and 3 new items(though only 1 is usable right now).
Current Mobs:

Stone Golem:

- Has 100 health and deals 10 damage per hit when fully powered.
- Can only be damage by pickaxe and will take 2 damage per hit.
- Has 5 armor and slow movement speed and is immune to knockback + fire.
- When spawned will appear in sleeping mode and will not attack anyone.
- Just punch him with anything to wake him up and change mode from sleeping to rage.
- Has 3 unique fightning styles:
1.Basic Attack(Will simply punch like a iron golem and belly slam when loses all arms).
2.Leap Attack(Will jump right at his target and cause explosion when landing).
3.Stone Spikes(Will summon stone spikes at star formation that will deal 8 damage on direct hit).
- When health goes below 50% he loses first arm and when health goes below 20% second arm.
- Attack damage when below 20hp will only be 1 damage per hit(Per belly slam).
- Will drop Gem Of Stone Body on death(Doesn't do anything right now).
- Doesn't spawn anywhere yet(I will let you suggest his spawn place).

Ice Golem:

- Has 150 health and deals 5 normal + 5 frost damage per hit.
- Has 2 armor and slow moving speed and is immune to knockback.
- Will take damage from fire or rain.
- Can freeze water when walking on it.
- When health is below 50% will activate crystal armor that will grant him more abilities:
1.Has 50% chance to cause frostbite to anyone he attacks(it will deal 1 frost damage per 5 ticks).
2.Will freeze every mob around him and they will not be able to jump and will lose 80% of their speed.
3.Can only be damaged by fire or lightning damage.
- Will drop Gem Of Frost on death(doesn't do anything right now).
- Doesn't spawn anywhere yet(Will let you choose his spawn place).

Shadow Golem:



- Has 180 health and deals 10 damage per hit.
- Has 10 armor points and medium speed.
- Has 4 unique fightning styles:
1.Teleportation(Will teleport around when attacking).
2.Wither Barrage(Will shoot wither skulls at enemies).
3.Banishing(When teleporting will leave blinding cloud on the ground).
4.Normal Attack(Simply will melee you).
- During the night don't ever think to fight him as he will be fully unkillable by anything.
- Sometimes will randomly blind it's target and heal during the night time.
- Will drop Gem Of Shadow(When holding in the offhand during the night will fully meld you with the shadows and make you 100% invisible except when you will wear armor or hold a weapon).
- Doesn't spawn anywhere yet(Will let you decide his spawn place).

Well that's it for now many more bosses will be added soon and if you interested be you to suggest your ideas in the comments, thanks!

Progress5% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

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