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Better Copper

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Saskill234 avatar Saskill234
Level 42 : Master Miner
Better Copper:

Added Copper Golem
Added Rosegold Tools
Added Some Removed Features

Copper Golem

This is a mob that is summoned with 2 blocks of copper stacked on top of each other with a carved pumpkin on top. This mob oxidizes after 20,000 ticks (around 1 in game day) into Exposed Copper Golem, and then after another 20,000 ticks it oxidizes into Weathered Copper Golem, and after an additional 20,000 ticks it fully oxidizes into Copper Golem Statue. When the copper golem is struck by lightning it reverts back to it's original state, although if you let it turn into a statue, it is beyond repair.

Rosegold Tools

Using a smithing table, you can combine a golden tool in a smithing table to make a rosegold tool. Rosegold tools are the same thing as Golden Tools except they have much more durability.

Additional Features

Glare (Doesn't Spawn Naturally)
Crystallized Honey, (Food item that gives half a hunger, and removes effects)
Banana, (Put it into crafting grid to peel skin and eat)
Goat Horn, (Occasionally dropped by goats, makes strange sound when right-clicked)
Chevon, (This isn't removed, but missing from the game. It is goat-meat)
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.17.1

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