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avatar Chocapic13
Level 18 : Journeyman Miner
This shaderpack aims for a high quality/performance ratio on a wide range of hardware.

Unlike other lightweight shaderpacks, this one tries to maintain a decent quality level even at the lowest possible preset; while the highest presets are able to run at around 60 fps on a mid range gpu like the RX 580 or the GTX 1060 and offers high-end quality.

Performance that you could expect at 1080p 12 render distance (default minecraft world) on a RX 480 or similar:

Extreme : 55-70 fps, Ultra : 70-90 fps, High : 100-120fps, Medium : 140-170 fps, Low : 160-220 fps, Lite : 200-250 fps, Toaster Edition : 300+ (CPU limited on a Ryzen 7 2700X)

Performance that you could expect at 1080p 8 render distance (default minecraft world) on an Intel HD 630 or similar:

Toaster Edition : 65-80 fps, Lite : 50-60 fps, Low : 35-40 fps, Medium : 25-30 fps


1/ Install Optifine for your minecraft version : https://optifine.net/downloads
2/ Go into shader options, click shaderpack folder.
3/ Drag and drop the shaderpack zip file you just downloaded into the shaderpack folder.
4/ Finally, select the shaderpack in the shader list, launch a world and enjoy ! :)

NB: As long as optifine is still updated, the shaderpack should work on newer minecraft versions. However, a newer shaderpack may not work on an older optifine version due to the use of new optifine features.

Reporting a bug :
I can't and won't help you if you don't do this!
-Explain what happens

-Screenshot or video of the bug
-Give your system specs

-Shaderpack version (number and performance preset)
-Minecraft and Optifine version
-If there is an invalid program error send me the end of the console log

If you want to contact me, I recommend you to go on the ShaderLabs discord, where you can find the latest Work In Progress versions and speak to most of the shader community.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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