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Creeper Mod They Can't Touch Me!

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Level 40 : Master Turtle
a very simple mod that lets the creeper explode but does aubsolutly no damage its very cool and real just you dont have to be scared of it blowing you up i have tested if it blows up objects by its self but when i tested it it shook the screen pushed me back a tiny bit but everything was the same it should not affect your house. simply but the zip in your mods folder and place the one class file in the jar but always back up your jar del META-INF always but modloader is not required.
Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.8 beta

Recoding mod : 10/03/2011 12:20:33 am10/03/11

im recoding the mod for lag reasons and sonrone suggested that i made the creepers not even exploded such as "Pet Creepers" hmmm. Gives me a mod idea ;)

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I think that I would like this mod better if the creeper did damage but did not destroy blocks.
  • Modloader
  • Level 1
  • New Miner
  • October 4, 2011, 2:23 pm
i thnk it doesn do both.... as you can see in the pick . he sed Yet iam alive but around him is all flat land so creepers prbably dont break block either
English is definitely your first subject
  • G3R4RD
  • Level 26
  • Expert Modder
  • October 3, 2011, 1:19 pm
Maybe its handy for Creative Mode.
Well it would be fun if the creeper didnt even explode cuz then u could have a creeper pal lol
yeah i can add a alterative link for people who want a creeper who doesnt explode?
Yeah! and call it "My best friend, The Creeper" that way u can make it just follow u! no wait! Make it behave like a wolf only u tame it w/ diamonds or gunpowder or something! that would be hilariously fun.
  • I_Modz_Codz
  • Level 50
  • Grandmaster Technomancer
  • October 2, 2011, 3:55 pm
This kind of ruins the purpose of creepers
well i know but you have to realize not everyone in the world likes creepers. i like to have creepers around int most cases
You just edited the mob damage files didn't you?
and i did but i also edit more of the file.
if you find any errors please leave a comment

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