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CryptorMod (a.k.a. CMod) is a mod created by Cryptor Inc. which adds characters named Cryptors, some
dimensions, some kinds of weapon and armor and many stuff *v*. (ATTENTION: SPOILERS!)

Adds: (quote from CMod JE page in Mcreator.net)
  • Some kinds of Cryptors (Common, X, Cyber, Horrific, Bacterian)!
  • New stuff like Cryptor X armor, his sword, cyber gun etc.!
  • New dimensions!
  • And many easter eggs and other!

Mobs: (quote from the official manual)

Cryptors group:
Common Cryptor
Common Cryptor
Common Cryptor is a main representative of Cryptors family. He seems
peaceful, but if you kill him, then you can see very dangerous threat.

Cryptor X
Cryptor X
Cryptor X is a powerful form of Common Cryptor. Spawns when Common
Cryptor dies. He is very strong, so he kills you with one hit(!) If you plan to
fight him, get ready for hours or days of fighting ;) If you finally kill him, you
can get legendary food, which can make you stronger, but this is temporary.
Rarely you can get parts of X’s armor or his sword.

More information in the manual (a link in the official page about this mod)
A mod avilable in English and Russian languages...

(c) CryptorMod, CMod and associated characters are property of Cryptor Inc.
(c) 2014-202X Cryptor Inc.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14
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