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CTD Mythos [1.12.2]

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avatar TheMasterGeneral
Level 33 : Artisan Modder
CTD Mythos, brought to you by TheMasterGeneral and KingRayRay Ray! CTD Mythos is a magic/Greek Mythology based mod.

Currently Added Features:

Human Effigy - Passive Regeneration when in inventory. When used, regenerates 5 hearts.

Grim Shears - Used to snip a Villager/Player of their soul. Deal 5 hearts of damage.

Cow Blood Droplet - Dropped occasionally from cows. Crafting Item.

Crystallized Woe - Gives slowness III when in your inventory. Crafting item.

Crystallized Fire - Extinguishes the holder. Crafting item.

Crystallized Memory - Gives weakness IV when in inventory. Crafting item.

Crystallized Oath - Crafting Item.

Crystallized Grief - Gives Blindness when in inventory. Crafting Item.

Longbow - Does way more damage compared to the Vanilla Bow.

TMG's Drill - A melee weapon for TheMasterGeneral with damage similar to that of Iron Sword.

Gladius - A melee with damage like Golden Swords, with 850 durability.

Teleportation Wand - Teleports user to spawn if they have Crystallized Ender in their offhand.

Flight Wand - Allows temporary flight. Place Diamond/Gold/Iron/Emerald in your off-hand and right click with the wand of flight to fly.
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Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2
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