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Dungeons Plus [1.14.4 - 1.16.5]

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Level 60 : High Grandmaster Modder
Dungeons Plus [1.14.4 - 1.16.5] Minecraft Mod

Dungeons Plus

Dungeons Plus [1.14.4 - 1.16.5] Minecraft Mod Dungeons Plus [1.14.4 - 1.16.5] Minecraft Mod

A mod that adds some simple Vanilla+ styled dungeons, while showcasing the Strucure Gel API.

🍡 Requires Structure Gel API

Download it here. Structure Gel is an API mod designed to make creating structures easier on the developers, specifically ones using the jigsaw system. All code is open source and documented.

⛺ Summary

Dungeons Plus adds 5 new dungeons to the game with maps to guide you on a journey between them.

⚔️ Dungeons


These towers have four floors with monster spawners and loot. The first three floors are randomized and can be zombie, spider, or skeleton rooms. The fourth floor is a vex room. Inside this tower, you can find a map that will lead you to the buried dungeon. Generates in either plains, forests, roofed forests, birch forests, and mountains.

Buried Dungeons

Found underground, this dungeon contains three spawner rooms. To the left and right, you can find either a zombie or skeleton room, or rarely a husk or stray room. The room in the middle will either have husks or strays. When you enter the husk or stray room, you’ll find a map to lead you to either the Leviathan or the Snowy Temple respectively.


This ancient skeleton can be found in deserts and hides a secret beneath. Dig your way down, and you’ll be met with a husk spawner. Not only that, but husks are the only mob that can spawn in the structure, and the husks that do spawn there will drop sand on death.

Snowy Temples

Within this icy pyramid, you can find yourself in a small maze of ice with the strays living within around every corner. Strays spawned within this structure can drop ice, or rarely packed ice, on death, and they’re the only mob allowed to spawn inside.

End Ruins

Once you defeat the dragon and gain access to the outer islands, you may be lucky enough to find this dilapidated structure. There isn’t much loot inside, but at the top of the tower, you can find a dragon egg. Be careful though, the endermen inside aren’t quite as peaceful as the ones outside of the structure.

🤷 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this in my modpack?

Yes, you definitely can. Just make to provide credit to all the authors respectively and link back to the CurseForge page.

Can I redistribute this mod onto other platforms?

Yes, but before doing so make sure that all downloads are directly linked to CurseForge and provide credit to all the authors respectively.

🚨 Notice: Before leaving a comment, please read the FAQ! We work really hard to support the latest version of Minecraft and Forge's LTS version. Unfortuantely we cannot backport our mods to 1.12.2 and below. Please update your games, thank you!

If you are having issues with the mod, please come in our [​url=discord.gg/tDBjHWy]Discord Server where we can offer better support for you. [​i](Please don't paste your entire crash log in the comments)[​/i]
Creditsilver_david, phygie, lachney
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

4 Update Logs

Dungeons Plus 1.16.3-v1.0.3 Changelog : by ModdingLegacy 10/14/2020 4:03:53 pmOct 14th, 2020

Requires Structure Gel API for 1.16.3

Ported to 1.16.3. New features will come in a future update. If you're updating in an existing world, you'll need to delete your config file to take advantage of the Biomes O' Plenty support.


- Structures now use the Structure Gel biome dictionary to specify where they spawn, so it should work with Biomes O' Plenty automatically.

Known Bugs

- Enderman spawners in the End Ruins don't render and cause console spam because of a Minecraft bug. MC-189565

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• 08/24/2020 3:03 pm
• Level 24 : Expert Dragon
Morphian's Avatar
Two questions:

  1. Does this add any new blocks/items?
  2. Will you be updating this mod to 1.16.2?
• 08/24/2020 4:23 pm
• Level 60 : High Grandmaster Modder
ModdingLegacy's Avatar
It does not have blocks or items. At the moment we cannot go to 1.16.2 due to the complete world-gen rewrite. We will be waiting awhile until Forge has some proper API in place to deal with the changes.
• 08/24/2020 4:26 pm
• Level 24 : Expert Dragon
Morphian's Avatar
Okay, thank you for the speedy response. Good luck with your mod(s), my man. <3
• 06/14/2020 7:22 am
• Level 1 : New Miner
stormbot11's Avatar
how often structures and dungeons will generate?
• 06/19/2020 7:18 am
• Level 60 : High Grandmaster Modder
ModdingLegacy's Avatar
By default they're semi-rare, with the Snowy Temple and Leviathan being the rarest. You're able to adjust the spawn rates via the config.
• 07/05/2020 4:11 pm
• Level 1 : New Miner
NewguyKai's Avatar
How do I find the config file, and how do I edit it?
• 07/06/2020 3:15 pm
• Level 60 : High Grandmaster Modder
ModdingLegacy's Avatar
You can find the config file in the config folder, the same place as the mods folder. You can edit the the .toml files with any text-editor, such as notepad.
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