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Endertech Infinity

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Nwago avatar Nwago
Level 29 : Expert uwu
1.15.2 Forge

Endertech Infinity, is a mod that adds alot of new features, items, structures, blocks, mobs and more!

The mod itself is 70mb big, so I put a link to google drive in the downloadable file! (as Planet Minecraft doesn't allow files that big)

I will continue adding new features to this mod, will try doing it consistently every month. Hope you enjoy it!

What does Endertech Infinity have?

-A huge underground city, filled with NPCs, a portal room, a boss arena and a parade hall

-As of 1.2.2, there are 3 dimensions.

-A Runic Power System, custom damage values, custom armour buffs.

-As of 1.2.2, one custom vehicle.

-And much more!

Please read before playing!

Useful mods to play this with: Optifine Mod, Just Enough Items.(for performance improvements, and item crafting recipes)

Useful Infinity Keys/Cmmds:

-open the endertech main menu, disable or enable certain features
"P"-open the runic menu
/CMMDHELPME -if you get stuck (as in a bug or something) do this, and please report the problem. You need cheats turned ON to use the command.

The city might take some time to load the first time, depending on how good your PC is.

Thanks for reading, and have a good day! ^ ^

BIG THANKS to zChewie for playtesting, and starting a playthrough of my mod on his yt channel. <3
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

4 Update Logs

Infinity 1.2.2 [Deep Dive Release] : by Nwago 03/07/2021 4:01:25 amMar 7th, 2021

-Added 2 paintings

-Added 1 NPC to the city, selling two items

-Heavy optimizations

-Improved the Orange Buff Icon

-Improved Runic Menu Display

-Fixed an exploit that allowed instantly killing a boss

-Reworked some textures

-Removed the military march, for now :(

-Minor bug fixes

1.3.0 soon

Have fun! :3

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