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EpicCraft III (UPDATE!!!!)

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avatar BloodyKillSwitch
Level 27 : Expert Modder
Hey everybody! so one of my projects has finished recently. Epic Mod III adds new mobs, new dimension, new blocks, and new biomes. These biomes are found inside the epic dimension. The requirements to go to this dimension are to build a portal frame out of mossy cobblestone then to ignite it with the portal gem. You can craft the portal gem with one emerald and one diamond.I have added three new biomes to the epic dimension: The Epic biome (Blue grass). The crimson biome (Red grass). and finally the raven biome (Purple grass). The old epic dimension had a nether-like world gen. I have changed this to a normal world type gen.

UPDATE: I have now added three new ores: Yamite, coffotrope and limbite (limbite being stronger) Limbite is green while yamite is purple, and coffotrope is orange. Additionally, I have added boss mobs. These include The ice spirit, Shadow spirit, Kivren, Celzar, And brozzurth. They have been listed from strongest to weakest. In addition I have added new mobs. These include the Sirpax,Kappa, Rhexl. The kappa is the Turtle-duck-like creature. The Rhexl is the Lizard-like creature. And
Sirpax is the grey creature with red eyes. Out of the three, the Sirpax is the only aggressive one. I wish I could Include more screenshots, but I have run out of space. Take care everybody. :)
Progress70% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

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