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Expert Mode

Will add more photos later!

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avatar Kalightortaio
Level 5 : Apprentice Modder


Expert Mode
makes your minecraft survival experience much more challenging! There are a lot of configurable changes done to the game, and each can toggled to your needs! All tweaks are turned on by default, and some play into each other!


As a veteran player from the infdev days, I've sunk a lot of hours into this game. While I've enjoyed survival for years, I found hard difficulty lacking as I got better at the game. Combined with changes to the core mechanics of the game, this issue eventually led me to use command blocks to augment my vanilla experience. With the release of datapacks, I'm now able to share my expert mode, with all of you!

Crafting Tweaks

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1. Enchanted Apples can be crafted again, using their old recipe with 8 gold blocks and 1 apple.
2. Totems of Undying can be crafted using 8 gold blocks and 1 dragon egg.
3. Chainmail Armor can be crafted using iron bars.

Game Tweaks

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1. Iron Golems regenerate health over time (helps villages from getting overrun by the Horde).
((Fun fact: Iron Golems lack normal regeneration in the base game)).
2. Slimes become more aggressive.
3. Slimes are immune to fall damage.
4. Blazes periodically light the ground on fire.
5. Skeletons are thorny.
6. Drowned wear turtle helmets.
7. Magma cubes spread magma blocks in the nether.
8. Phantoms inflict blindness when they attack.
9. Silverfish cause massive infestations in stone.
10. Ghast fireballs are stronger.
11. Wither Skeletons attacks are stronger.
12. The Horde... zombies may attract other zombies when attacked. This means you'll want to kill them in as few attacks as possible, or just run!
13. Endermen carry a lone obsidian around, and can place it in the world.
14. Spiders are translucent, but somewhat visible. (Glowing eyes).
15. Creepers are silent stalkers and do not make noise until it is too late!
16. Witches can cast short range magic attacks!
17. Husks carry famine in an aura around them.
18. Polar bears are not pushovers! Don't mess with a mother alongside her cubs.
19. Vexes briefly apply levitation, making evoker fights variable.
20. Zombies break torches they tread over.
21. Beacons prevent mob spawning within a 128 block radius.
22. Bats are no longer passive mobs, and can bite when close. They also have a 20% chance to drop a random seed upon death.
23. Evokers are tougher.
24. The Wither is tougher.
25. The Ender dragon is tougher.
26. Ghasts are tougher.
27. All armor sets have a set bonus. Leather armor grants two extra hearts.
28. All armor sets have a set bonus. Chainmail armor grants four extra hearts.
29. All armor sets have a set bonus. Iron armor grants six extra hearts.
30. All armor sets have a set bonus. Golden armor grants eight extra hearts.
31. All armor sets have a set bonus. Diamond armor grants ten extra hearts.

Future Plans

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1. Create a written book that controls the configuration file, akin to this example.
2. Add more photos to this forums page.
3. Develop more tweaks?

Bug Tracker

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1. Beacons destroyed by explosions will not properly remove the invisible, invulnerable armor stand responsible for the beacon buff. This is because the code responsible for the clean up of beacons only runs when beacons are mined. Use /kill @e[tag=beacon,distance=..256,limit=1] to remove the entity in case this happens.

How to Install/Configure

Install Instructions/Configure: https://imgur.com/a/fgor6S8
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

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  • adg155
  • Level 12
  • Journeyman Explorer
  • March 11, 2019, 8:07 pm
"15. Creepers are silent stalkers and do not make noise until it is too late!"
Ok there's no way i'll download this. Im fre****g scared right now!
Hahaha don't worry, other than the ensuing heart attack, the pack is balanced throughout the early game to late game. You will die a lot, but it won't be because of some unfair forty hp damaging creepers! However, blast protection does go a long way in this difficulty!
Feel free to share any criticism, ideas for new updates or mechanics, or just how you feel about the pack, thanks!

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