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gurkmod V1.0 RELEASE! (Forge)

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Welcome to gurkmod!
gurkmod is a survival mod that extends the survival gameplay.
It adds stuff such as ores, biomes, structures, tools, loot and recipes.

Main stuff:

Tin, copper, silver and iridium. Use tin and copper to create the alloy bronze!
More metals coming soon!

Bronze, diamond and silver necklaces! Great for enchanting and magic stuff!
More necklaces maybe coming soon!

Vexes now drop some special loot and they may even have their own fortress!

New biome!
There is a new biome called frostwood forest. There's a lot of vexes and blue
slime here and there may even be some hidden secrets ore materials!

There are new bronze and iridium tools. There may also be magical silver and
vex swords. And maybe special slime boots. Maybe.

There are currently not many advancements but there will be more in the future!

There are lots of more stuff out there, but they are up to you to discover!

All recipes! (May contain spoilers!)
All recipes!

Maybe I'll add pictures one day. In the meantime you'll have to use this text:

Tin and copper in a smithingtable = bronze

You can craft all basic tools with bronze and iridium instead of original
Minecraft materials.

You can smelt tin, silver or copper ore in a furnace/blast furnace to get the ingot.

You can craft a piston with tin instead of iron.

You can craft a tin, copper or bronze block with 9 of the corresponding metal.

You can craft 9 tin, copper or bronze ingots with 1 of the corresponding block.

You can craft 2 pancakes using this recipe:

egg empty egg
milk bucket wheat milk bucket

You can craft a necklace using this recipe:

leather (diamond, silver or bronze) leather

You can craft an elytra using this recipe:

tin ingot diamond necklace tin ingot
vex wing dark vex wing vex wing
phantom membrane stick phantom membrane

You can craft a dark vex blade using this recipe:

empty netherite ingot empty
enchanted gapple netherite sword enchanted gapple
dark vex wing vex heart dark vex wing
(gapple means golden apple)

You can craft a silver sword as a normal iron sword but with silver instead of

You can craft 64 pink dye with a vex heart.

You can do all the normal wood/plank recipes with frostwood.

You can craft an obsidian block into 4 obsidian shards.

You can craft an obsidian block with 4 obsidian shards.

You can craft 9 silver nuggets with 1 silver ingot.

You can craft 1 silver ingot with 9 silver nugget.

You can craft bouncy boots using this recipe:

frozen slime obsidian shard frozen slime
frozen slime leather boots frozen slime

That's all current recipes! Enjoy!

This mod only requires forge.

That's all I have to write!
Please comment what you would like to have in this mod!

Made with MCreator! It's AWESOME! If you're interested in making mods
in a simple way you should check it out!
CreditCreated with MCreator, https://mcreator.net/about
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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