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Halo Content Pack for Flans Mod

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spicylevel3's Avatar spicylevel3
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This pack adds over 55 weapons from halo, along with many of the vehicles.

Minecraft version: 1.7.10
FlansMod Version: 4.10
Content Pack Version: Update 2.0

To install: Download and run flans mod, Then inside the zip file from this download there is a .jar file, move that in to the flans folder inside the .minecraft folder.

If the download doesn't work, use this direct link to the download: www.mediafire.com/file/565vc9xt1vqk0db/Halo+Content+Pack+2.0.jar

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------Version 1.0, Initial Release

------Version 1.1, Added SAW, SMG Pump and Energy Bayonet.

------Version 1.2, Gave weapons correct attachment slots, added S.A.W. Ammo, added Magnum, and added Master Chief Helmet

------Version 1.3, Added Shotgun and Assault Rifle paint jobs.

------Version 1.4, Fixed battle rifle model not showing up, added classic battle rifle and halo 3 shotgun, and made sniper rifle zoom in more to compensate for only 1 zoom level per gun/scope

------Version 1.5,Cars! Tanks! Teams Support! Added Warthog and Scorpion, UNSC tank shells, SPNKR Rocket Launcher And better teams support. rocket ammo, and better teams support. Also accidentally deleted a bad assault rifle skin, so I replaced it with a new and better one.

------Version 1.6, Added Drop Pod, SMG Silencer, And ODST Magnum. Also made the warthog not indestructible anymore.

------Version 1.7, Added Sabre, Nornfang, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Rifle, Brute Plasma Rifle, Sniper Rifle Skins, Recon Sight, Stabilization Jets, Kinetic Bolts, Laser Targeter, Spartan Armour, Spartan Legs, Spartan Boots, Red and Blue Versions of Spartan Armour Spartan Legs and Spartan Boots, Longsword, Guass Warthog, Scout Warthog, Troop Warthog, UNSC Bombs, Plasma Pack, Unknown Alien Sniper Rifle, and Remade every single icon in the entire thing.

------Version 1.8, Added Halo Reach DMR and Assault Rifle, ODST SMG, Yellow, Black, and Pink armour sets, Custom Ion SMG, Energy Dagger, Wraith, Grizzly, Grizzly Shells and Canister Shells.​
------Version 2.0, Added too many guns and vehicles to keep count of, remodeled most of them, changed the entire pack.

Requires Flans Mod and Simple Parts Pack.

Credits: Scorpion model (Which also served as basis for grizzly) completely redone by TankHunterCobra

Warning: You must ask permission if you want to have it in a modpack
Do not claim as own, sell, or redistribute.
Youtube videos with this are ok, but if you post a download link, link it to this page.
Progress95% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by spicylevel3 10/15/2018 12:46:59 pmOct 15th, 2018

Redid most models, added countless guns and vehicles, fixed a few game breaking crashes.

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shadow vs sonic
02/12/2022 4:17 am
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not working
02/28/2020 1:00 pm
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11/06/2018 7:41 am
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what content packs do you need for this
10/15/2018 3:10 pm
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como descargo mods para minecraft pirata 1.13.1 :v

08/28/2017 10:13 am
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download link isn't taking me to a download it just takes me to multiple random sites
11/01/2016 1:56 am
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Greetings from the SMP community...
745 HERO
10/30/2016 12:00 pm
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now its working
745 HERO
10/28/2016 9:24 pm
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how does it work
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