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Medieval Style Pack for Minecolonies ( MC 1.15.2)

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avatar carlansor
Level 44 : Master Dragonborn

This is the Official Medieval Style Pack for Minecolonies v1.15.2.

Hello again people! I bring you my set of medieval styled buildings for you to enjoy!
When i first started playing Mc with Minecolonies, i was amazed by all the potential of the mod and the features it had at that time, but every biome i spawned in wasnt particulary an oak forest, so it was hard to build colonies. I started building a set of different wooden styles to supply my needs of variation, so these came up. Now, the mod has grown larger, and the devs started to incorporate new biome based schematics, wich is awesome!. So, taking an oportunity since the old forum's closed, i renamed, refocused this project to a Medieval style set of schematics!

Since the minecolonies forums are getting deprecated i decided to post the stylepack here, inspired by Thaylar, creator of the Caledonia Stylepack wich you can get here. Check it out, its awesome!

NOTE: From now on, i will support only the newest version of the mod. That means i wont backport any new schematic. Sorry but its just too much work! Also, i will soon rescan all wooden variants of the huts, meanwhile its only oak!
The custom supply ship and and camp will be included in each wooden style. Thanks to the devs for this!

Currently Planned:
  1. Revisit all other wood variants and fill any voids
  2. Create more upgradeable decorations.
  3. Add supply structures to wood variants.
  4. Possibly redo the miner hut...
Building Tips:
  • Plan ahead! Some buildings are quite expensive, but most of them use a lot of wood on first levels. Always start with a lumberjack after the builder's hut!
  • The TownHall and the alternative are quite different. The alternative builds up into a castle at lvl5 while the other serves as a medieval townsman office.
  • Currently there are no roads schematics, so feel free to build your own as you like!
  • Some buildings have blank spaces that can overlap with other buildings, if you have any doubt about it dont mind asking me!
  • The biggest buildings are the warehouse, the restaurant, and the university-library combo. Plan ahead for big spaces if you want to build them!
  • The university and the library are designed to be attached to eachother. Just need to overlap the columns of them both (ill post some images to help you out!
Instalation Guide:
  • Download the RAR and extract all folders in ".minecraft/structurize/schematics/"
  • Enjoy!

  1.- Could i use these schematics in my own modpack?
  A: For any issues concerning mod rights, ask directly to the minecolonies devs.

  2.- Is there any differences between this and the schematics included in the mod?
  A: It might be yes, in order to balance it. Choosing between one or another is up to you.

  3.- I dont understand how these buildings are supposed to be built, any help?
  A: Just send me a screenshot and ill be happy to assist you.

Other Downloads:

The texture pack used in screenshots was Jhon Smith Legacy 1.12

Link to the Minecolonies mod: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/minecolonies
CreditMinecolonies Team : https://forum.minecolonies.com/index.php
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

2 Update Logs

Version 1.3.3 Finished Oak! Upload to Planet Minecraft. : 03/21/2020 9:38:28 pmMar 21st

  • Added the Hospital. Compat and rock solid at later lvls. Best to defend yourself from the plague!
  • Splitted the old Library in two, now the cloyster part is the University and the other the Library.
  • (Moved the old gigantic library to the alternative pack, in case you want to still use it, just swich styles)
  • Fixed some issues with other schematics, be sure to check hutblock orientation before upgrading the huts.
  • Rescanned some huts, not all of them, but soon enough.
  • Added supplyship and supplycamp to their new respective folders, from now on they will included in the pack.
  • Starting planning a crusade.

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