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[Datapack] Minecraft Utilities for 1.14

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avatar vultaz
Level 9 : Apprentice Modder
Minecraft Utilities V2.1.0

I came up with a last-minute update today (6/12/2019). I'll be away from home for a week or more, and wanted to push something I'd found here on PMC that I really liked. I spoke to mouleagauffre and have incorporated two datapacks of theirs: Better Clocks and Better Compasses. This incorporation included a fair bit of rewrite, and the result looks quite a bit different, but I wanted to make sure they got credit for their work. Even if you're not interested in Minecraft Utilities, I suggest checking out mouleagauffre's work. If I hadn't seen their datapacks I may not have ever included this in MCU.

Orienteer is explained in the read-me as copied below. When holding a diamond or golden pickaxe, you will see your depth. When a compass is anywhere in your inventory you will see cardinal heading and X/Z coordinates. When a clock is anywhere in your inventory you will see time of day expressed as Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night.

If you're using an older version of MCU run the below command to ensure your have the appropriate scores set.

/function mcutilities:commands/reset_2_2_0

Noted Issues
Orienteer will override channeling when using the Soulsand Grimoire (currently with only the Havenstone). I will fix this in a future update by checking whether SSG is channeling first, before putting the Orienteer HUD up.

 1) Front Matter - changelog, scope discussion, usage rights, contact information and credits.
 2) Manual - a breakdown of the various modules included in this datapack.
 3) Technical - technical information explaining how this datapack is built, and why certain decisions were made (or not made).
 4) How-To - a description of how to create your own module.
 5) Future - a discussion on what my future plans are.


2.1.0: 6/12/2019 Update 2 - Orienteer
Added Orienteer, a clock/compass module based on the works of Mouleagauffre. You can check out their work here: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/mouleagauffre/submissions

2.0.2: 6/12/2019
 1) Updated this file with additional technical information and modified its layout.
 2) Modified the code for Havenstone slightly.
 3) Added wool-to-string and slab-to-block recipes. Did not include recipes that would interfere with Chiseled variants.
 4) Tentatively added a recipe to craft an elytra. This requires 6 membranes, 1 string and 2 diamonds. You can contact me with your opinion on this recipe.

2.0.1: 6/10/2019
 1) Modified a few things with Insomnia and fixed an issue with the hs_give trigger.
 2) Added a commands folder to be used at a later date.
 3) Updated this file.

Minecraft Utilities (MCU) aims to add tools that would be common to many datapacks, where each individual would otherwise have to rewrite those tools on their own and ensure they are compatible with other datapacks. MCU will add many basic (and some not-so-basic) tools and functions starting with the MCU Core module.

This datapack will also come with additional modules that can be activated and deactivated as desired.


Use of this datapack in single-player and multiplayer worlds does not require permission but the official-read-me file should be included, unedited, any time you use it or distrubute a modified version of it. If you wish to modify this datapack you should acknowledge that support would likewise be limited as unintended results make troubleshooting more difficult. That said, you may modify this datapack as you wish but again, please include the official-read-me file.

See the How-To section for a discussion on creating your own modules.

Please contact me at [email protected] for bug submissions and suggestions.

Daniel Scutt (Vultaz)
Mouleagauffre - Orienteer Module - based on works found here: www.planetminecraft.com/member/mouleagauffre/submissions
Recipes created using TheDestruc7i0n's crafting generator: crafting.thedestruc7i0n.ca
Many commands and items used in this datapack are generated using MCStacker: mcstacker.net/


The Core module is required to run all other MCU modules. The Core module adds basic methods as follow:
 1) Player session tracking: includes user ID, current coordinates, current dimension, etc.
 2) System data tracking: includes number of online players and in-game time of day.
 3) PRNG calculator.
 4) A real-world clock. This is based on game ticks and may actually run slower than real time. I will try to address slower game-ticks in the future.

Additional methods may be added at a later date.

Soulsand Sorcerer
This module adds the Soulsand Grimoire. This book allows players to easily obtain certain special items such as a new Havenstone. These items can normally be obtained with /trigger, but this book allows easy access to learning about and obtaining these items (and it's more fun). Additionally, this book is required to use these items' features. Additional uses will likely be added in the future.

Run /trigger ssg_give to obtain a copy of this book.

The Siesta module is required to allow multi-player sleep. Using Siesta allows one player to speed up time to get through the night. More sleeping players means time speeds up faster.

Siesta also comes with an older module, called Insomnia, wrapped in. This portion of Siesta is optional. Insomnia alerts players when they have not slept in a while. At a future date Insomnia will try to address phantom spawning, which can be a real pain on multiplayer servers. At the moment, this cannot be addressed the way I'd like.

The Havenstone module adds home teleporting functionality. A Havenstone is set when you hold it while sleeping. It is used while holding your Soulsand Grimoire and your Havenstone. It has a 1 hour cooldown and 10 second channel time.

Run hs_give or use the Conjure Havenstone page of your Soulsand Grimoire to obtain a Havenstone.

This module adds a clock, compass and depth HUD. When holding a compass anywhere in your inventory you'll see your cardinal facing and X/Z coordinates. When you're holding a clock anywhere in your inventory you'll see the time of day. When you're holding a golden or diamond pickaxe either in your main hand or off hand you'll see your depth. Holding any of these three items in any combination, you'll see their respective data simultaneously.

This module is based on the works of Mouleagauffre. You can check out his datapacks here: www.planetminecraft.com/member/mouleagauffre/submissions


This section will discuss how this datapack was built and what decisions went into the result. Casual users of this datapack should not need to familiarize themselves with this information.

Load Concerns
The first goal with MCU was to establish a system that runs various methods at a rate that wouldn't cause undue load on the computer system running the game, be it client or server. To achieve this it runs a counter that counts each tick. At 20 ticks (1 second) it resets to 0 and starts over. Many methods only need to run once a second, or even less often, and this is how we control that. These methods can be staggered, to spread the datapack's load over a full second.

MCU tries to be conscious of potential load issues on multiplayer servers. One of the things it does to address this is to include what is called the Control Queue. Players are added to the queue as they log in, and various methods are run at them only when their number comes up in the queue. This occurs once per second for all players, staggered.

The Random Number Generator
The PRNG calculator is an LCG-type, and thus each iteration of the calculator produces an output based on the last value it produced. For this reason, we run the calculator once a second to keep the number good and random across time.

The Real-time Clock
For the moment the real-time clock is dependant on game-ticks. In theory, 20 game ticks pass every second. However, in practice it can often be as low as 10 or 15, depending in system load. It is for this reason that, if you choose to utilize the real-time clock, you may find yourself tweaking the clock on a regular basis. I will try to address this in the future.




I'll continue refining what has already been added to this datapack, but there are other things I'd like to add as well.

I'd like to add more scores, so that future datapacks or modules written to use this datapack can ensure they're compatible with other datapacks/modules written for this datapack.

I'm also interested in adding some sort of basic professions system, rewarding players with certain perks who perform particular duties on a regular basis. I'd like also to add a basic banking system. This system would include a growth/shrink mechanic that rewards communities who utilize the banking-backed economy more often (economic GDP).

Another thing I'd like to add is an older module I removed some time ago - holidays. I like the idea of an automated holiday tracker, that sends out little gifts or initiates certain events based on the time of year or what holidays are on.

There are other ideas out there, and you are free to submit them to me for consideration. I have more of my own to discuss at a later date. If you have any feedback on this datapack, please don't hesitate to contact me or post a comment on the PMC datapack page: www.planetminecraft.com/mod/minecraft-utilities-for-1-14/
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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06/10/2019 9:34 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Modder
If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to leave a comment. However, please understand that the scope of this datapack is not to significantly modify the Minecraft experience. The goal here is to build a foundation for other datapacks to build off of, and to provide a few quality of life modules that make playing Minecraft more comfortable and fun.

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