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Mineral Dwellers (Supports Ore Dictionary)

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Mineral Dwellers

By Krossy

Mineral Dwellers is a mod that adds, well you guessed it... Mineral Dwellers. These are somewhat rare ore-like mobs that appear in caves and their Nether variants in Nether Wastes. There are even Ore Dictionary variants meaning this is supposed to go with other mods that require and / or use Ore Dictionary. Upon death, they will drop their respective minerals and if their variant's ore requires smelting, they will drop chunks (Smelt the chunks to acquire the ingot).

Mineral Dweller (Overworld)


Health: 25

Damage: 3

Armor Points: 2

Drops: 2 cobblestone, a chunk based on their variant (except for diamond, coal, redstone, lapis and emerald), a diamond (diamond variant), 1 coal (coal variant), 5 redstone (redstone variant), 5 lapis (lapis variant), an emerald (emerald variant).

Rarity: Rare

Spawns: In cave systems and ravines.

Mineral Dweller (Nether)


Yes, the blue flame above it animates.

Health: 30

Damage: 4

Armor Points: 3

Drops: 2 netherrack, ancient debris (Netherite variant), quartz (quartz variant), 5 gold nuggets (Nether gold variant).

Rarity: Rare

Spawns: In Nether Wastes.

Here's a neat showcase of my mod by bstylia! (Bstylia, if you are seeing this, I have been a subscriber before you hit a thousand subscribers. And it is an honor knowing you have interest in my project.) You should go check him out. He's a pretty chill guy and uploads content quite similar to other modern mod showcasing YouTubers like PwrDown, Boodlyneck, AsianHalfSquat, yorkmouse and Angelbee (Five other dudes I also watch).

Anyways, to make matters much more exciting, I am planning to add a new boss mob to the mod. And this dude is no joke.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.4

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Update #1 : 03/06/2021 7:26:36 amMar 6th

Added Bstylia's video in the description.
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