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(They deleted my post 😢 )
This mod is a preview of what this idea could be (Click Here to view), posted by me on Minecraft Feedback.

Description in Minecraft Feedback:
Moles, moles are adorable (not in real life, believe me), they look good with Caves & Cliffs and most importantly, they would save players who want to do esplanades a lot of time. Just bring in a few moles and wait ... and wait ... and wait ... and BOOM you have your esplanade without your precious netherite efficiency V pickaxe being spent even a bit.

These adorable animals could mine blocks, like I said before. They could also eat roots and rooted dirt and would burrow creating small tunnels to search for these roots.

I had made a preview mod for the mole, which you had uploaded to the internet, but I checked the rules again and found something that I had overlooked: “No outside links. This means links to documents, pictures, your blog, outside forums, social media, or anything like that. Because outside links can be changed at any time to unsafe content, they will be considered spam and rejected. JIRA links are fine and strongly encouraged. ». I'm going to leave the texture below, and if Mojang considers accepting this idea, I wouldn't mind sending you the 3D java model


I would be very grateful if this idea was taken into account.
Thanks for reading to the end. 😊

- PokerFaceMan
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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