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avatar Remain_Indoors
Level 33 : Artisan Miner
My Creative Tools Mod

The Tools

The Tools

Ctrl c Ctrl v Tool
Left click on a block to copy it to your clipboard, Right click to paste that block wherever you want.

Copy Pasta Tool
Left click on a block to copy its metadata, Right click to paste that metadata to any instance of the same kind of block. (read about the magic wand tool below for an explanation of what Metadata is)

Undo Button
This lets you undo block breaks one at a time by right clicking when you're holding the Undo Button. The number of Undo's is configurable in the config file.

Block Eraser
When this tool is turned on in the config file, you can only break blocks if you're holding the Block Eraser tool. I like it because it prevents me from accidentally breaking blocks when I'm just clicking around. (This is disabled by default in v1.2)

Magic Wand (Metadata Tester)
To save space in programming, Minecraft created a lot of blocks using the same block and just gave them different colors, textures or orientations. (for example Wool is only one block, but each color is represented by a different metadata value) So, as a way to test my other mods I made this Magic Wand tool to change the metadata of blocks when you right click them with it. So, you can use the Magic Wand to change the color of wool, stained glass, types of wood, types of leaves, types of flowers, block orientation, Stairs orientation, door orientation, and several other things. you can use this just for fun, or you can use it to change the way things like stairs are oriented or even make some weird block changes that aren't normally possible

If you have any suggestions for other tools you'd like to see in this mod, feel free to leave a comment =)


Progress90% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.10

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creative and very nice mod, i like this mod
best mod

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