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Nether Update Expanded

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Disclaimer: as this mod is in Beta, updates may break worlds, such as when features are removed.

Nether Update Expanded is a vanilla+ mod, currently in Beta Testing, that adds to the Nether Update with many new features being added every update.

Key Features

Fungal Jungles

Fungal jungles are fungal-based forests. They come in two variants, elder and dragon. Elder fungal jungles are purple, while dragon fungal jungles are pink. Elder fungal jungles can contain elderberries, and dragon fungal jungles can contain dragonfruit. Both fungal jungles each have their own unique wood type and can support water placement due to their mild temperatures.

Frosted Nether

The frosted Nether is a region of biomes so cold that they cannot be melted, and attempts to place water here will instead be met with the water instantly freezing. Nether fortresses and fossils can be found in frosted wastes, and a new wood type can be found in frosted forests, along with sleetberries.


There are many new stones that generate in various Nether biomes. Some of these stones are exclusive to certain biomes, while others can generate in any biome. The new stones added to the Nether are:
  • Elderrack (a purple stone, exclusive to fungal jungles)
  • Draconite (a pink stone, exclusive to fungal jungles)
  • Crimsonite (a red stone, exclusive to crimson forests and valleys)
  • Netherwarp (a bluish-green stone, exclusive to warped forests)
  • Soul Slate (a brown stone, exclusive to soul sand valleys)
  • Zaronite (a gray stone, exclusive to soul sand valleys)
  • Quarsite (a white, quartz-based stone)
  • Ironite (a brown, iron-based stone)
  • Pyrirock (a yellow stone)
  • Monolite (a green stone)


There are several new ores added to the Nether. These ores fall into three categories: Nether, Blackstone, and Plasphite.

Nether ores are ores based in netherrack, just like the existing Nether Gold Ore and Nether Quartz Ore. Coal, iron, lapis lazuli, redstone, emeralds, and diamonds now have nether ore variants. There is also a nether ore for a new material called verbo.

Blackstone ores are ores based in blackstone. Every nether ore also has a blackstone variant, including quartz, gold, and verbo.

A plasphite ore is a deposit of minerals encased in a hardened zaronite shell. Plasphite can contain any of the following materials:
  • Netherrack
  • Blackstone
  • Basalt
  • Magma Block
  • Bone Block
  • Gravel
  • Obsidian
  • Crying Obsidian
  • Siprute Shard
  • Gold Nugget
  • Iron Nugget
  • Netherite Nugget
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Verbo Shard
  • Diamond


Verbo is a new metallic material. It can be found from Nether Verbo Ore and Blackstone Verbo Ore, and has a chance of dropping from Plasphite Ore.
Verbo can be used to make a Verbo Pick Axe. Unlike normal tools, this tool can do the job of multiple different tools - a sword, a pickaxe, an axe, and a shovel. It's quite handy! In versions before Beta 3.23, the Verbo Pick Axe also requires a siprute shard to craft.

Verbo has a special function called nitrogenization, however this function varies in recent versions.

After Beta 3.23: Similar to copper oxidation, verbo-based blocks will nitrogenize slowly over time in the Overworld and the Nether. Nitrogenization will not occur in the End dimension, as there is no atmosphere there. The Nether has a sealed atmosphere with lots of nitrogen, so nitrogenization will occur somewhat quickly here. The Overworld, however, has an open atmosphere with less nitrogen, so nitrogenization will typically take much longer here. However, it can occur faster in the Overworld if the verbo block is in close proximity to a source of nitrogen, happening faster the closer the source is. Having multiple sources will not make the chance stack. The following blocks/fluids are considered nitrogen sources:
  • Fire
  • Soul Fire
  • Lava (Flowing or still)
  • Lava Cauldrons
  • Magma Blocks
  • Soul Magma Blocks
Verbo will not nitrogenize if any of the six blocks directly adjacent to it are at a lower level of nitrogenization, unless the adjacent block is glazed. In order to glaze a verbo block, a bowl of elderberry syrup must be used on it or combined with it via crafting to be used as a sealant of sorts, preventing it from nitrogenizing further. Fully nitrogenized verbo blocks can be glazed. Glaze can be scraped off with an axe. Scraping a nitrogenized verbo block with an axe will additionally reduce its level of nitrogenization.

Before Beta 3.23: Similar to copper oxidation, verbo-based blocks will nitrogenize slowly over time in any dimension. The effects of nitrogenization can be undone by combining a nitrogenized block with magma cream through crafting, or it can be stopped completely by combining a verbo block with a siprute shard through crafting, if it is not already fully nitrogenized.

Arm Guards

Arm guards are a new form of armor which can be equipped on either hand. They come in iron, gold, diamond, and netherite variants.


Elderberries are dark purple berries that can be found and grown on elderberry bushes, found in elder fungal jungles. These berries can be eaten, and they give quite a bit of saturation. They can also be combined with sugar and a bottle or a bowl to make juice, which can be drank, or syrup, which can be combined with the following foods to buff them:
  • Apple
  • Baked Potato
  • Beetroot
  • Bread
  • Carrot
  • Dried Icicle Reed
  • Dried Kelp
Elderberries can also be combined with two wheat to make elderberry cookies, or sugar and an egg to make elderberry pie.


Dragonfruit is a light pink fruit that can be found or grown on dragonfruit cacti, which can be found in dragon fungal jungles. It is very nutritious and can save you in a pinch. Eating dragonfruit while burning, levitating, being poisoned, or withering can help counteract the effects, giving you more time to get yourself out of danger!

Important Info

This mod was created with MCreator.

The current version is Beta 3.23, for Forge 1.20.1. To download older versions, visit our page on Curseforge or Modrinth.

This mod is developed by Herobrine Productions, a group that creates Minecraft modifications and Roblox games.

Please report any bugs in our Discord server, link is provided below.


  • New blocks: 237
  • New items: 16
  • New tools: 13
  • New plants: 10
  • New biomes: 5
  • New foods: 16
  • New music discs: 7
  • New materials of armor: 1
  • New types of armor: 1
  • New potions: 2
  • New weapons: 3
  • New structures: 5
  • New recipes: 420
  • New mobs: 16

Extra Links

Check out the YouTube playlist containing all NUE soundtracks, and check out "ENDER" by Piano Vampire on Spotify!

Support development of the mod on our Patreon!

Join our Discord server! (Minecraft or Roblox account required)

Follow Nether Update Expanded on Twitter!

Also check out Skies of Ender!


Herobrine - owner, modeler, texture artist, builder

ManiGlowBug - composer, modeler, concept artist

Piano Vampire - composer

_Crackers0106 - original creator of the "nether ore" template used in the mod
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.20.1

10 Update Logs

Sigma 41.24 (APRIL FOOL'S UPDATE, CHECK 3.23 FOR LATEST REAL UPDATE) : by DaRealHerobrine 04/01/2024 1:56:14 pmApr 1st

April Fools Update Logs
-Changed: Everything now generates in the Overworld

-Changed: Attempts to eat a Recovery Compass will result in death

-Changed: Pickaxes can be eaten:
-Eating a pickaxe will give you full hunger and Haste II

-Changed: Everything now generates in the Overworld

-Changed: Pickaxes are no longer tools:
-Attempting to mine with a pickaxe will result in an explosion

-Changed: Everything now spawns in the Overworld
-Changed: Krals can now spawn in all biomes
-Changed: Cinderworms can now spawn in Crimson Valleys
-Changed: Re-enabled Flooze spawning
-Changed: Floozes can now spawn in Mangrove Swamps
-Changed: Killing a chicken with a Debug Stick will now summon an Ender Dragon
-Changed: Bees now have a 1/10 chance of dropping a Debug Stick

-Added Everything Bagel

-Changed: Everything now generates in the Overworld (and Overworld caves)

-Changed: Everything now generates in the Overworld

-Fixed an issue where pickaxes could mine blocks
-Fixed an issue where modded biomes generated in the Nether

-Changed: NUE is now canon to Roblox PIGGY
-Failed to remove Herobrine

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