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[1.12] [Plugin] Patronage of the Gods (New classes and abilities)

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avatar Vaiter
Level 32 : Artisan Modder
Patronage of the Gods (PotG) is a small (at the moment) plugin that will add 3 different classes for the game.

To obtain abilities, it is necessary to secure the patronage of one of the 12 (accessible 3) gods by constructing an appropriate sanctuary.

If you show interest in this plugin, I will create a separate mod that will show the entire history of the gods and their followers in more detail. (Yes, I wrote a complete world history for such a small plugin.)

New Classes


A person who is on the border of life and death. Extremely strong, until it gets under the sun.
Advantages and disadvantages
+ More health (20x)
+ Immunity to Poison and Hunger
+ In the shadow immunity to Weakness and Slow
+ If the health is less than 4, it begins to regenerate
+ Poison opponent when hitting
- Weak and slow in the sun
- Immunity to Regeneration
Sanctuary, which is necessary to build


Born of fire and pain, the Demon is the very embodiment of rage. Unfortunately, a strong fear of water prevents him from fully revealing himself.
Advantages and disadvantages
+ More health (15x)
+ Immunity to Poison, Hunger, Wither, Weakness and Glowing
+ Has fire resistance
+ Ignites the enemy on hitting
+ At impact there is a small chance to arrange an explosion and restore your health
+ Explodes after death
+ Extremely strong in the Nether
- Every second spent in the water reduces the maximum health by 2
- Immunity to Regeneration
Sanctuary, which is necessary to build (in The Nether)

Stone Golem:

´╗┐Steadfast, hard-working and almost unbeatable - it's all about the Stone Golem. He is not the best fighter, but he has no equal in the extraction of resources.
Advantages and disadvantages
+ More health (20x)
+ Immunity to Poison and Wither
+ Digging faster if the pickaxe in his hands
+ Being near a stone, gets more health (30x)
+ Moves through the air on a piece of rock, if in the hands holds a stone
- Digs slower if you do not have a pickaxe
- Immunity to Regeneration
Sanctuary, which is necessary to build

´╗┐To become human again, it is necessary to build this sanctuary
Sanctuary, which is necessary to build


At the moment, here is a brief description of 6 (out of 12) gods without names. (If someone will want to help me with the translation - please write me a message)
God Of Order
God of Order is the patron of honesty and justice. After imprisoning the God of Chaos, he became the only Supreme God.

God Of Chaos
The God of Chaos is the patron of violence and anarchy. Previously, he was the second Supreme God, but after an unauthorized attempt to reshape the world, was sealed in the Nether.

Goddess of Origins
The Goddess of Origins (Goddess of Life) is the patroness of mercy and compassion. She creates all life in this world.

God of the End
The God of the End (God of Death) is the patron of the undead and necromancy. He decides who will die and who will live.

God of Matter
The God of Matter (God of the Earth) is the creator of the entire material world. Patron of miners and builders.

Goddess of Energy
The Goddess of Energy (Goddess of Sky) is the creator of the whole intangible world (light, electricity, etc.). Patroness of travelers.

In future

In the future, I plan to increase the number of classes, as well as add a system of quests to reveal the personalities of the gods. And of course, as I wrote earlier, if you are interested, I will create a mod on this story.
Future plans
  • More Classes
  • Quests
  • Edit balance
  • Improve translation
  • Fix bugs
  • ?Mod?

Technical information

/setclass [Player] [Class] - Set class for other player
/getclass [Player] - Get class for other player
/classlist - Get class for all players
/potgreload - Reload PotG config
Classes: HalfDead, Demon, StoneGolem
setclass.potg - To use the command /setclass
getclass.potg - To use the command /getclass
classlist.potg - To use the command /classlist
reload.potg - To use the command /potgreload

Always ready to accept your criticism and suggestions.

Progress10% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12

3 Update Logs

0.1b : 11/13/2017 5:34:19 amNov 13, 2017

  • Fixed bug with Sanctuary Of Life
  • In Creative under the Stone Golem not create a block
  • Added command /potgreload
  • Minor code edits

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This mod is the absolute best, I hope you continue to develop it and make it even better by adding other classes, also you should add gods of elements the main god that you obtain by making a tower with an emerald bottom fire watter obsidion ice and glowstone, aka fire water ice and electricity.
Cool plugin!

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