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Explosive Mod v2.1 by Jinavpero

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Jinavpero avatar Jinavpero
Level 11 : Journeyman Crafter
Do you like experimenting with TNT? Then you will most likely enjoy this mod because it adds C4s which is a modern and more realistic way to make things explode. There are two variants of the C4. One is time-based and the other can be controlled by using a controller.

Timer C4 (ID: 500)

The Timer C4 (crafted with 2 iron ingots, 4 TNTs, 1 clock) will automatically be timed at exploding in one minute after it has been placed.
Make sure to stand back a little because the explosion is quite huge.
Once the timer has reached zero the explosion will take place and explode everything in a 10-15 block radius.

Remote C4 (ID: 501)

The Remote C4 (crafted with 2 iron ingots, 4 TNTs, 1 redstone) once placed down can be detonated whenever you want with the help of a C4 Controller. The controller you will automatically get as soon as you've placed down the Remote C4.

Land Mines (IDs: 407-422) & Mine Scanner (ID: 423)

In total there are 15 different land mines that can be crafted with 1 redstone and 1 TNT. Each land mine is designed to fit in a specific biome texture-wise. Up in 7th photo can see a Land Mine [​Sand] planted on the ground in a sand biome.


  • /reset all - resets all active C4s
  • /reset TC4 - resets all active timed C4s
  • /reset RC4 - resets all active remote C4s

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Timer C4 [​1:00] (ID: 500) - 2 iron ingots + 4 TNTs + 1 clock
  • Remote C4 (ID: 501) - 2 iron ingots + 4 TNTs + 1 redstone
  • C4 Controller (ID: 502)
  • Land Mines (IDs: 407-422) - 1 redstone + 1 TNT
  • Mine Scanner (ID: 423) - 1 redstone + 1 iron ingot
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft Dungeons

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