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Portal Pads

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Y4nn avatar Y4nn
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Portal Pads Minecraft Mod

About Portal Pads
Portal Pads is a Forge 1.15.2 mod. Portal Pad adds two new blocks to easily teleport between places while also keeping it survival friendly. To keep it rewarding, they aren't cheap to craft (see added pictures). After gathering enought recources, including two Matter Transfer Components, you can craft a Portal Pad and a Receiver Pad accordingly. To begin linking them up, begin crafting the Configurator Tool and right-click a Receiver Pad to store the coordinates of that pad. Store those coordinates into an unlinked Portal Pad to link them up. To keep that survival element, a Portal Pad needs to be filled with Ender Pearls. A linked Portal Pad can hold a maximum of 11 pearls, which is equal to 110 uses (there isn't really a meaning as to why the maximum is 11, just a coincidence). Furthermore, as locations can hold a significant importance for the player, the Portal -and Receiver Pad are as blastproof as Obsidian.

Alongside all the functionalities, you can choose between some additional cosmetic options. Choose a colour of the Portal Pads's inner swirl to fit the theme. Furthermore, insert a custom destination name of a Receiver Pad to e.g. Home or Survival Island.

Portal Pads Minecraft Mod

Portal Pads Minecraft Mod

Why Portal Pads?
I've always been a fan of Mods, Plugins or Datapacks that add up to the survival feel of Minecraft. Mods that make Minecraft way too easy as in farming, traversal or whatever, don't do it for me. But on the other hand, I hate the fact that you can easily lose your house, friends or places of interest. Writing down coordinates with F3 or setting up a bunch of Nether Portals surely can help. But this can eventually can get a little counterintuitive. My intention is to make it easier for players to connect these places as if they are nextdoor. However, it must feel rewarding.

This is a 1.0.0 release, which means the mod done on a functional base. By no means is this the final product, as changes to cost, lay-out et cetera are subject to change accordingly to your wishes and demands. However, core functions remain final.
Furthermore, I am aware of the fact that there are some bugs with playing the proper teleporting sounds. This seems to be happening at random and I do not have a direct explanation as to why. As we speak, MCreator 2021.1 is being developed for Forge 1.16. I sincerely hope this version will fix the issue, as I have scavenged through the procedures and code to find a solution. Obviously it is not game breaking or anything, but it is a tedious issue.Language support

Language suppport

  - en_US (English)

Your help to add more languages is highly appreciated!

Also support me on Curseforge!

Mod made with MCreator 2020.5 / 3D-models made with Blockbench 3.7.5

CreditMCreator 2020.5 / Blockbench 3.7.5
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.15

1 Update Logs

Version 1.0.0 : by Y4nn 01/25/2021 12:36:22 pmJan 25th, 2021

Mod Version 1.0.0 (Forge 31.2.0):
  - 1.15.2
    - Added Portal Pad
    - Added Receiver Pad
    - Added Configurator Tool
    - Added Matter Transfer Component

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01/28/2021 5:32 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
_ scallion _
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01/29/2021 7:45 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Programmer
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With the upcoming 1.16 update of mcreator, I'll try to release one for 1.12 as well. However, i can't be sure if a lower version brings issues to the table
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