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Reputation [Spigot 1.16.1]

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This plugin is in development so any feedback really handy

Reputation allows you to track the reputations of your players.

Behave, fight monsters and kill evil players and your reputation will increase.

Misbehave, kill good players attack npcs and your reputation will decrease

Ideal for RPG servers or smp, indicates to new (and existing) players who they can trust and who is most likely to rob them if they tp to them

A plugin from BYTE www.byte.org.uk. give us a visit for more plugins, downloads and our RPG server :)

For a bit more in depth description click here ..


  • 7 reputation tiers,
  • Each change in tier allows server commands to be run and messages to be sent.
  • Each tier has its own chat prefix
  • All language their names messages and commands are configurable
  • Configurable points per player hit or kill
  • Configurable points per mob
  • Linked with citizens configurable points loss for hitting and killing NPCs
  • Enabled / disabled per world
  • Feed players to gain rep

User interface options:

  • Byte scoreboard: display reputation on an individual scoreboard
  • Scoreboard stats: Integrated with scoreboard stats, variable = %rep%
  • Tier shown in player list
  • Message prefixes

Upcoming ideas:

  • Extra points deducted if using weapons against good players (rather than just a fist fight)
  • Worldguard integration, allowing zones -no reputation change for pvp arenas - double rep change for sensitive areas
  • Tier displayed over players head
  • Permission and command to allow admins to check another players rep

For players;

  • /rep - show your reputation and tier

For admins and servers;

  • /rep set <player> <points> - set a players points
  • /rep add <player> <points> - add or subtract points from a player
  • /rep debug - see console output what the plugin is doing


  • reputation.set - allow player to set others rep
  • reputation.add - allow player to add or subtract rep from others
  • reputation.debug - allow player to use the debug command
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16

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1.16 update : 06/29/2020 4:20:58 amJun 29th

ADDED: compiled and updated for 1.16
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