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Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
the serbian backrooms is a cursed mod which implements some of the features from itsjim's youtube videos as well as some of my own ideas. It is a very strange and cursed mod adding lots of new items, blocks, entities, dimesnions, etc.

The main feature of this mod is the serbian backrooms (dimension). It can be accessed by right-clicking a bed. all of the blocks, entities and biomes on the rest of the list spawn in only this dimension. the only way to escape is to die. make sure you have an ender chest or keep inventory enabled before entering.

The list: (use JEI for recipies)

California (biome) lava and fire populate the majority of this biome.

Worm (entity) will occasionally eat blocks around it. spawns smoke particles around itself.

Vietnam war (entity) flying airplane that spawns TNT wherever (and whenever) it walks. Causes lots of lag to low-end PCs.

Yugolslavia (entity) wants its revenge on any player in sight. very powerful.

Mel Gibson (entity) wants your soul. very fast runner. Applies the Redditor status effect when you touch him.

Liveleak Watermark (overlay) displays on the screen while your playing. can sometimes get in the way of view.

Redditor (status effect) gives nausea for 3 seconds.

Patrick Bateman (entity) also wants your soul. also very fast runner. very similar to mel gibson.

Microplastics (ore) can be used to make tools and armor. can also be smelted to make cooked microplastics which can be eaten.

Obamium (ore) can be used to make tools and armor. not very strong.

Florida (ore) drops a florida item that can be eaten when the ore is broken.

Naturalization test (gui) opens every time you join a world or enter the serbian backrooms. to exit the gui, type the answer to the question labeled on the gui. then press "submit".

Chick Fil-a (overlay) can be seen when in the options menu. very large.

The IRS (entity) clears your inventory when you collide with him. better pay your taxes.

Uncle Terry (entity) you thought he was your friend, did you? nope. uncle terry also wants your soul.

Thermo-nuclear warhead (item) spawns 5 tnt when right-clicked. can be bought from a level 1 toolsmith villager for 6 seeds.

Ti-84 graphic calculator (ore) drops a calculator item when mined. 9 of them in a crafting table gives a block of calculator. 14 blocks of calculator in the shape of a portal makes a gateway to the calculator dimension when lit with a calculator portal igniter.

Boeing 747 (entity) can fly and be ridden. moves very quickly which allows for easy transportation. kind of like an elytra entity.

Obamium fusion core (item) spawns every mob from this mod next to you when you right click with it.

Sus ore (ore) very sus. can be used to make sus tools and armor. has a nice ingot texture.

Millionth visitor (item) doesn't do anything other than give you an advancement when you get it.

Macoroni time (block) generates in the serbian backrooms. has a glitched texture when in your inventory.

Uranium (ore) can be used to make armor and tools. very overpowered and strong.

Oil (fluid) generates lakes of itself in the serbian backrooms. Acts like lava.

MUG root beer (item) can be dranken. very sus.

Camel (block) also generates in the serbian backrooms. Looks like a sand stair without gravity.

Vegimite (item) can be eaten for near infinite saturation. so yummy. Gives an advancement after eating.

Cars 2 (block) drops cars 2 blu-ray dvd when mined. is useless.

Gamingpc (entity) it is fast. it is furious. it wants your soul! (sorry)

Command prompt (item) Very hard to obtain. Puts the player into creative mode when right-clicked.

A certified gamer moment (item) puts lava under the players feet, clears their inventory and gives them poison when right clicked. a truly evil item.

Chicken burger (item) the most holy of all foods. gives infinite saturation when eaten. crazy good.

I built a pc that can power itself (block) makes the sound "amogus bobby prevails" when placed, mined or walked on. suspicious.

H (item) does nothing other than look cool in your hand. wow.

Entry point (block) 14 them in a portal shape take the player to the alphaver dimension when ignited with the alphaver portal igniter. Has custom grass, stone, cobblestone, sand, logs, leaves, planks and doors with textures that match the versions respectively.

Unfinity (block) gives the player 64 certified gamer moments when mined.

2001 honda civic (entity) no, you can't ride the 2001 honda civic. Instead, it kills you!

Information (item) spawns a pufferfish when right clicked.

Ask Toolbar (item) does nothing other than be annoying.

OwO (entity) the infamous OwO from 2b2t has made it into a minecraft mod. he wants his revenge on the air destroyers and will kill any player in his path.

Bearshare (block) what even

Uno reverse card (item) reverses the state of your life. (alive --> dead)

Desktop goose (entity) also wants your soul. but not for the reason you'd expect...

Echo Pog (item) can be used to make echo tools and armor. isn't that strong.

Pi (block) 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286208998628034825342117067982148086513282306647093844...

YOU THINK YOU CAN GIVE US A NEW CLUE? (block) has one of the images from oldroot's posts as the texture.

Do not cut the cards (music disc) plays the video "Scammer Loses Her Mind - DON'T CUT THE CARDS" by Kitboga

Escape and be free (music disc) plays the song used in lausherhans' final video.

Help (music disc) plays a clip from one of itsjim's youtube videos.

321 Google translate (music disc) plays 321GOogletranslate by random typek.

and a glass of water (item) can be dranken for some amount of saturation.

those are all the main things, but there are a few others that don't have as much prevalence.

Other things include:

A painting of yugolsavia

a new enchantment called sus bus

a new keybind for the key H that spawns every mob in this mod on press

A potion of ur mom that gives a bunch of negative status effects

an overlay on the world creation screen that shows an image of Minecraft Alpha 1.0.16 Versions' youtube channel

a new gamerule called vihdoin that says "amogus bobby wants your liver" in chat 100 times when the player joins the world if enabled

andesite stairs can now used as fuel in furnaces

a new command called /die which kils the player

another overlay that shows an image saying "when the impasta is sauce" when the player dies

a mysterious item

the obsidian tools and armor from alphaver

shadow players that spawn in the alphaver dimension

the 2 music discs, hidden den and lemuria, from alphaver.

and finally another overlay on the multiplayer screen that shows an image of a millionth visitor pop-up.

i hope you enjoy my mod and take care.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18.1

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version 1.1.6 : by amogusbobby 12/03/2022 9:46:34 amDec 3rd


Minecraft for windows pc dvd (item)
curious george goes demonic (overlay)

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