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Feriach avatar Feriach
Level 52 : Grandmaster Lumberjack
Got tired of giving people feedback over signs that they have to look for? Or over message so they have to teleport to you anyway? Well then take a look at my plugin:

AlqComment allows people to posts multiple types of comments with location attached to them thus allowing people that are allowed to read those comments to teleport to said location. You can also use it with PlotSquared(info on the bottom)

Please direct all feedback and bug reports to Feriach#5440 on Discord!


/alqcomment - show you the credits

/alqcomment reload - reloads the comments from the database

/alqcomment togglenotify - enable/disable receiving notifications about new comments being made or comments on plots.

/comment playername {-p} <comment> - posts a private comment to a single player. Only you, receiver and people with “alqcomment.admin” permission can read them.

/comment playername1,playername2,...,playernameN {-p} <comment> - posts a private comment to multiple players. Only you, receivers and people with “alqcomment.admin” permission can read them.

/comment alqcomment.read.<node> {-p} <comment> - posts a permission based comment. Only people with “alqcomment.read.<node>” and “alqcomment.admin” can read them.

/comment public {-p} <comment> - posts a public comment. Everyone in the same world can read them.

/readcomments - Show comments that you can read from the world you are on in a descending order with pinned comments on top.

/tpcomment <ID> - Teleports you to the specific comment as long as you have a permission to see it.

/readcomment <ID> - Shows you the full comment as long as you have a permission to see it.

/delcomment <ID>/<ID1>,<ID2>... - deletes the specified comment(s).

/filtercomments <filters> - filter the comments.

/purgecomments <filters> - purges the comments matching the filters.


Available filters:

s:UUID - by sender’s UUID (To get comments from all senders type “s:all”)

w:worldname - by the world the comments were posted on(must have
”alqcomment.admin” permission to show comments outside the world you are

i:id - by id

type:priv/pub/perm - by the type of the comments.

o:asc/desc - sort the comments descending(default) or ascending

pin:true/false - only pinned or normal comments

t:time - filtercomments - comment “younger” than time filter

purgecomments - comment “older” than time filter

r:radius - by radius around the player(x and z)

Time format: 1y2m3d4h y-years, m-months, d-days, h-hours

{-p} - pins the comment. Pinned comments appear on top. Players need “alqcomment.pin” permission to be able to pin comments.



enabled: true
- enables notifications(on plot enter/on new comment on

plot/ in radius)

radius: 150 - radius in which players will be notified about a new



enabled: false
- enable or disable auto cleaning

days: 30 - time in days after which comments will be removed


alqcomment.reload -reload the plugin

alqcomment.mod -remove comments

alqcomment.admin -remove comments and read all comments

alqcomment.tpsurv - allow players to teleport while in survival/adventure gamemode

alqcomment.mod.world - allow players to remove comments from the world they are on.

alqcomment.showallworlds - allow players to filter comments from all worlds.

alqcomment.permission -post permission based plugins

alqcomment.private -post private comments

alqcomment.public -post public comments

alqcomment.pin - pin comments

alqcomment.use - use AlqComment’s commandsClick to expand...


/readcomments -p - reads comments from the plot you are standing on.

Those permissions do not override the main ones! However without “alqcomment.p2.other.<worldname>” players will not be able to read comments on said world!


- read/write comments on other worlds than plotworld

alqcomment.p2.out - read/write comments outside the plots

alqcomment.p2.all - read/write comments on every plot on the plotworld

You can test this plugin on "aliquam.org" [1.12]: https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/aliquam/

For PlotSquared hook testing: "ThetaBlocks"[1.12.2]:


Follow me on Twitter: @feriachmc
CreditJayemCeekay from ThetaBlocks(testing)
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12

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