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TacticalBacon : Reloaded

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PsichotIX avatar PsichotIX
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Heartily hurl ham however hard to hit home your message of hatred
[code][code][size=12pt][b]This is a Bukkit server Plugin![/b][/size][/code][/code]

Today, with permission from the original author, we bring you an exclusive upgrade to the TacticalBacon Voxel Legacy plugin.
(Original authors: Giltwist, psanker.)

Upon taking ANY damage, these pigs will explode with great power! Those thrown from the "pigapault" or "hamahock" will take fall damage upon arriving at the end of their trail. Pigs that were placed via hamgrenade will explode upon being hit by a player, lava or even just the prick of a cactus.

You can adjust the "power" setting in the config to make the explosions as strong (or weak) as you like. Changing the power in the config.yml will change the blast radius of the piglets.

Once a mode is selected, hit Q to drop the item and send swines flying at your friends or foes.

Below is a list of the main changes and additions.

=== New features! ===
  • Added an option to change the entity type in the config (incase flying pork isn't your thing). See here for a list of valid mobs/animals.
  • Removed admns.txt, and implemented permissions. 
  • Reworked the configuration to use YAML.

=== Command Usage ===
  • /hamgrenade OR /hg - An explosive pig is dropped at the player location. The pig will explode when it takes damage of any kind, including falling damage.
  • /pigapault OR /pp - An explosive pig is fired in a parabolic arc away from the player's location. The pig will explode when it takes damage of any kind, including falling damage.
  • /hamahock <playername> OR /hh <playername> - A meat-seeking missile is fired at another player. The pig will explode when it takes damage of any kind, or comes within one block of the targeted player.
  • /tb - Shows the plugin version.
  • /tb reload - Reloads the plugin config to confirm changes made.
  • /tb exit - Exits the current TacticalBacon mode.
=== Permissions ===
  • bacon.all - Allows usage of all TacticalBacon features
  • bacon.hamgrenade - Allows usage of the /hamgrenade feature
  • bacon.pigapault - Allows usage of the /pigapault feature
  • bacon.hamahock - Allows usage of the /hamahock feature
  • bacon.reload - Allows you to reload the configuration with /tb reload
  • bacon.info - Allows you to see the plugin version with /tb

=== Config ===
  • Item: (default: 368) - The item to be used as a grenade item.
  • Power: (default: 5) - The explosive power and blast radius of explosions.
  • Entity: (default: pig) - The explosive entity to be launched. See here for a list of valid mobs/animals.
  • Remove-Drops: (default: true) - Whether the drops from the explosion should be automatically removed.
  • Allow-Plugin-Metrics: (default: true) - Whether to allow the plugin to send server statistics to MCStats.org.

=== Original Demo ===


=== MCStats / Plugin Metrics ===
This plugin is sending server statistics to MCStats.org. To opt out, set [b]allow-plugin-metrics[/b] to false in the TacticalBacon: Reloaded config.[/code]

=== Change Log ===
  • Added ability to change the mob from pig to pretty much anything!
  • Added a command to reload the config.
  • Removed creeper mating capabilities with pigs.
  • Squashed some bugs.
  • Removed "admns.txt".
  • Implemented Permissions. (See main description).
  • Changed TacticalBacon.properties to config.yml.
  • Swarmed by bugs anyway.
  • Creepers continued mating with pigs despite being told "No".
  • Some pigs were abducted by the military.
  • The aforementioned pigs returned with homing capabilities.
  • The Creepers started a strike.
  • Paid Creepers more so they would shut up (it didn't work).
  • Explosive pig population continued to rise.
  • Trapped the previously mentioned pigs in "Phantom Zone".
  • The "Phantom Zone" is whatever item you define in the config.yml.
CreditUltimateDillon PsichotiX
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.7.8

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by PsichotIX 07/31/2014 2:07:50 pmJul 31st, 2014

Changed the devbukkit link to the official "TacticalBacon" by the voxel team (they gave us the page yay!!)

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07/25/2014 10:34 pm
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Great mod, lot's of fun to use!
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