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A tameable mobs mod

Features :

1) Tamed mob will become friendly and they also follow you.

2) Some tamed mob will help you fight when you get hurt or hit someone.

3) Ride it by using saddle.

4) Leash mob.

5) Attach chest on mob.

6) Heal mob by using bread/golden apple/enchanted apple

7) You can use the command /function tamelist to find the list of tameable mob

How to Tame Mob

1) Cave Spider (Tame with spider eye)

2) Spider (Tame with spider eye)

3) Husk (Tame with rotten flesh)

4) Zombie (Tame with rotten flesh)

5) Drowned (Tame with rotten flesh)

6) Ravager (Tame with diamond)

7) Witch (Tame with glass bottle)

8) Skeleton (Tame with bone)

9) Stray (Tame with bone)

10) Wither Skeleton (Tame with bone)

11) Iron Golem (Tame with iron nugget)

12) Snow golem (Tame with snowball)

13) Shulker (Tame with shulker shell)

14) Silverfish (Tame with apple)

15) Endermite (Tame with apple)

16) Vindicator (Tame with iron axe)

17) Pillager (Tame with crossbow)

18) Guardian (Tame with prismarine shard)

19) Elder Guardian (Tame with prismarine shard)

20) Evoker (Tame with emerald)

21) Wither (Tame with netherstar)

22) Creeper (Tame with gunpowder)

23) Hoglin (Tame with raw/cooked porkchop)

24) Zoglin (Tame with raw/cooked porkchop)

25) Piglin (Tame with gold nugget)

26) Piglin brute (Tame with gold nugget)

27) Blaze (Tame with blaze powder)

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Game VersionMinecraft 1.17.1

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