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avatar Shadowmaster435
Level 28 : Expert Creeper
This mod was made in mcreator link https://mcreator.net/

Has JEI Support for crafting recipes so i recommend you use it but not machines so i will be describing machine functions here

if you have any suggestions or find a bug comment it and i will credit you

NOTE: this mod is not done

To get to the dimension make a mini diamond block and right click it with a clock to make a portal don't do this in your house
Multiblock Machines

How to build
Layer 1

Layer 2

Basically an instant furnace (Can't cook food) but with a few extra functions
can smelt gravel into flint
it is the only thing that can smelt hardened tungsten dust into ingots
How to build
Layer 1

Layer 2

10 of any grass (tall grass, dead bushes ferns) = 1 biomash
8 of any flower (not tall) or 8 netherwart = 1 biomash
4 wheat = 1 biomash
6 carrots potatoes melon slices sugar canes cactus lily pads or beetroots = 1 biomash
2 apples mushrooms or pumpkins = 1 biomash
16 of any leaves = 1 biomash
Biomash can be used to grow any vanilla crop including cactus netherwart and sugar cane
Industrial Crusher
How to build

Layer 1

layer 2

Just a glorified and bigger version of the normal crusher quadruples ore output
Quantum Tunneler
How to build

Layer 1

Layer 2

Layer 3

Function every 5ish minutes a random ore will pop up in the gui right click the top to open the gui
How to make the the top block for the multiblock first make a super compressed diamond block by putting 3 diamond blocks into the compressor then put 6 tungsten ingots and 2 glass into the atomic stablizer craft those into a black hole container then blow up you super compressed diamond block this will make a black hole this will start eating (blowing up) the terrain right click the black hole with your black hole container to contain it now you've got the block

Crushes ores and doubles output
Carbon Refinery
Turns carbon chunks into coal
Turns oak, spruce, birch, and jungle logs into planks and doubles output. NOTE:I couldn't get dark oak or acacia logs to work
Metal Former
Turns 2 tungsten into tungsten plates or 1 ingot into a rod
Turns tungsten and meteor ingots into dust when combined can make hardened tungsten
List of drops and drop chance
1. Prismarine shard 50%
2. Gold nugget 50%
3. Quartz 25%
4. Gunpowder 15%
1. Iron nugget 50%
2. Gold nugget 50%
3. Diamond 5%
4. Emerald 5%
Fusion Transmutator And Atomic Stablizer
The fusion transmutator turns lesser materials into greater ones but destablizes the output
Transmutator Recipes:
8 Coal = 1 unstable iron
2 Iron = 1 unstable gold
16 gold = 1 unstable diamond

The atomic stablizer stablizes the products of the fusion transmutator 1 item at a time
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

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Looks like a wanna be next gen super cool tech mod, ill wait for further versions and see what you add next.
Thanks i will look forward to what you think!

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