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The Remobbed mod

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The Remobbed Mod

Goblin: A very fast zombielike creature, which is very fast. They wear droppable leather skirt. The skirt can be made into 4 leather.

Dragonlings: A very rare enderdragon "baby". They drop dragon scales, which can be made into dragon armor. Dragonlings cant fly, but try to         dominate against other dragonlings to become the next enderdragon.
Crimsonised #: certain biomes have crimsonised versions, containing nether items in the overworld.

Skirts can be turned into leather
Leather can be turned into rabbit hide

with a recipe, leather and rabbit hide can be turned into skirts.
Dragon armor is stronger and rarer than netherite.
The dragonenchantment is completely useless.

Might be bugged due to lack of modding skill (might not contain every mob)
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.5

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