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Transporter Core DataPack (End-Game Content)

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avatar yosho27
Level 39 : Artisan Professor
Transporter Core DataPack for Minecraft 1.13(-pre3)
Version 0.1.3

A teleportation device made with nether stars and an awesome interface!

To make a Crafting Chest put a crafting table in the top-right corner of an empty chest.
(Learn more about Crafting Chests here redd.it/8md3he or make your own here mcdatapacks.com/altcrafting1.php)

Crafting recipes are shown in the images above.

Transporter Core
Place the core on the ground and place 16 buttons on a wall (lined up with the floating numbers).
Enter coordinates and press GO and it will transport you to those coordinates.

Secure Transporter Core
A "smart" transporter. Same as the normal Transporter Core, but it will automatically:
  ...move the destination point up or down to the nearest surface, ensuring that you don't fall or suffocate.
  ...give you fire resistance if the destination point is over/in lava. (11s in the overworld, 60s in the nether)
  ...(in the End) return you instantly if the destination point is just void
(There may be a 1 tick delay if transporting to an unloaded part of the world, resulting in up to 0.5 hearts of damage.)

Transporter Beacon Implant
Press shift+f while holding this (sneak while it's in your offhand) to permanently "implant" it.
Once implanted, press shift+f while holding a single redstone dust (or sneak while one is in your offhand) to trigger the device, instantly transporting you to the nearest transporter core (in the same dimension).

A "complete" system would therefore consist of one Secure Transporter Core for each dimension and one Transporter Beacon Implant (for each player).

To use, download the zip (don't unzip it), drop it in the world's "datapacks" folder, and run "/reload"

So far, everything works in multiplayer and you can have unlimited transporters in a world.
Feedback, bug reports, and suggestions are appreciated!
CreditCrafting Chest made with mcdatapacks.com/altcrafting1.php (mine)
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.13

1 Update Logs

0.1.3 : 06/22/2018 1:46:55 pmJun 22

Made it so it works in other dimensions.
The beacon implant will teleport you to the nearest transporter core in the same dimension, and will do nothing if there is not a transporter core in that dimension.
The Secure Transporter Core gives you longer fire resistance if in the Nether and prevents you from teleporting to void if in the End.

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