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'*·~-.¸¸,.-~*'★ Subluceo Caverns★ '*·~-.¸¸,.-~*' [Caved In]

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A mystical cavern built using the Caved In contest map. Took well over 40+ hours to build.

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Steve was having a average day of mining with his friend on a normal, sunny day.

His friend pointed out a somewhat rustic looking mineshaft. With some debate, they decide to set a plan to explore it the next day. As they turned back to the path to their house, the path was blocked by some unfriendly looking Endermen. Having no choice Steve and his friend ran into the mineshaft. They ran as far down the mineshaft as fast as they could, soon they ran out of torches. Cold and unprepared the unknown closed in on them. Echos began to ring inside the shaft tunnels... Suddenly a Creeper appeared, letting out a blood curling screech charging at Steve. Steve barely manages to avoid its explosion, his sword flying into the darkness. Before he could get up to recover, the shaft tunnels filled with a deafening rumble. With the loud sound of boulders and clashing rocks, Steve and his friend began to fall into the darkness. Steve's last thoughts before he lost consciousness was that of his Manson sitting on a rolling hill, pointed into the sunrise...

Moments later...Steve awakens, Dazed and Confused, surprised that he is still alive. He looks at the pile of rubble next to him and considers himself lucky. Where is my friend?! Steve wonders, and where is this place..
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Steve looks to his right and sees the severed head of his friend. Oh god.. He says with horror in his voice. He looks around the room that he is in, and searches for supplies. It appears as if someone has been here before him. He scavenges some basic supplies and looks over to see a strange looking mineshaft. His thoughts fade as he looks down the ominously lit mineshaft...
Railroad Landing

Steve decides that the collapsed mineshaft above him is hopeless to try to escape from. Having no choice, Steve powers up the Minecart and jumps in. He notices it is quiet in the mineshaft, very quiet.

Goosebumps cover his arms as a cold breeze swooshes across him. A light is beginning to appear at the end of the tunnel! As the Minecart comes out of the tunnel, Steve is hit by a wave of surprise. ¯(°_o)/¯ The sights that he is looking at stuns him! A Whole town! No, bigger! A whole City or Colony is down here! As the Minecart speeds up he grabs onto the sides of the cart and grips it as hard as he can. The railing ends and the Cart screeches to a stop.
Sacrificial Altar
Spotting a small crack in a pillar of light, he enters it unsure of what he will find at this point. The entrance widens into a massive room, filled with a strange form of lighting. Large, great pillars of Glowing Stone mixed with Stone Slabs rise from the floor to the roof. Named Pillars of light he would guess. A mystic broken down pyramid was in the middle of the room. From where he was the sight horrified him. Lava was running down the sides along side with layers of caked blood. Heads were scattered around the pyramid of past sacrifices.
Staircase Riverside
Steve gets out of the cart, shook up and dizzy from the bumpy ride. Steve can see great buildings in the distance, across the cave. He ponders on his thoughts for a moment, and decides to Head down the stairs. The air seems fairly humid, and vegetation is visible. Birds sound in the distance, making strange echos that bounce around. Walking down the stairs, a river is noticed. Something about it seems odd, Under it is a Plethora of Glowing Stone. Steve hears a odd sound and could of swore he heard someone, or something say, The River of Light shall lead thou... Dismissing the sound he continues until he sees a structure with a sign on it.
The Altar of Puritas
Steve approaches a sign at the entrance of this newly discovered structure and reads it. It reads, The Altar of Puritas. He momentarily takes a peek inside and stares at the wonder. The room consists of two jungle trees with Glowing Stone hanging on them. The Altar behind it seems to be filled with water from waterfalls above it.
Twin Paths
Farther ahead of Steve is a Bridge and a set of paths, leading into what looks like could be another cave. Curiosity getting the better of him, he heads down the path, following the river of light. Rounding the corner in the path, what looks like a Village appears out of the fog!
Rock Dweller Village

Approaching it farther he finds a sign that reads, Rock Dweller Village

The cave containing the village seems to be roughly dug out, as if in a hurry. Strange sounds echo from behind the walls of the cave, possibly monsters. Forgetting about the echos, he stares at the villagers, they stare back and continue on their on day. These seem like simple creatures, They don't talk or make sounds, they cant for some reason.
Throne Room
After accepting some supplies and food from the Cave Dwellers, Steve returns to the Main cave and heads up the stairs to the other side. A sign to the left catches his eye and he moves to it. It reads, Subluceo's Throne Room. This made him realize this place must have had a king at one point. Amazing patterns fill the walls of the entrance to the room, continuing on what he see's next amazes him. More, and bigger, pillars of light was lining the room. Some over sized chandelier objects hang from the ceiling. At the end of the room and lit up by Glowing Stone, Steve spots the throne. A collection of heads from unlucky monsters surround the throne. Then he sees it, two severed heads from humans...
Kings Mansion
Following the staircases past the throne room Steve walks into a large house. The bottom floor looked mostly like a lobby with some fountains. The second floor looked like the living room, whoever was living here was living the life of luxury.
Sky Towers
Outside of the Mansion Steve discovers a staircase and follows it. At the top it opened into a small room with some trees and fountains. It looked like a nice place to think and look over the Colony.
Sky-Walk Cave
Realizing he had not yet explored the other side of the River of Light, Steve crafted a boat and jumped down into the river. He discovered that the tunnel curved and ran further, more Pillars of Light were around him in the tunnel now. Landing on a seemingly abandoned dock, he ventured onward. A whiff of fresh air gave him a strength and he walked into the cave. The cave was massive, a forest covering the bottom of it. Above him were what looked like a set of houses, a series of paths connecting them all.
The End?
That's all for now.

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At the time two kings were ruling over the kingdom, and they didn't agree with each other. All out war erupted between citys, Death and Famine soon followed. A small group of miners decided something had to be done. They set out on a quest to create a hidden colony, underground... After a considerable amount of mining and time the group had made a livable space for a colony to thrive underground in. A King was elected, the miners moved underground, and the entrance was sealed with TNT. Going mad with power the King became corrupted...

Some things explained
Pillars of Light

These Pillars were constructed in weak areas of the Caverns to support the roof from collapsing. The combination of Glowing Stone and Stone Slabs created a concrete strength that held up the cavern.
Throne Room

The Throne is covered in heads because the King was angered at the miners he had made slaves and executed some.
Sacrificial Altar

The King believed in Sacrifices, the dozens of heads are from countless sacrifices over time.
Sky-Walk Cave

The houses in the air were constructed because the King demanded he have the main cavern to himself and ordered the miners to move to a new cave. The miners built the houses in the air so that the monsters lurking below wouldn't eat them alive.
Cave Dweller Village

No one really knows where the rock dwellers came from. The miners realized they started to appear once the cave was hollowed out. Appearing out of no where and building a village in a small cave. They took advantage of that and used them as slaves.
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The tools used:
  • World edit
  • My endless clicking
I was the only one who built all this because I did it on single player. Yes, all this was done solo. It would have been nice to have some extra help but oh well! I started this build a few days after the contest had already begun.
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You may use this map for your server or whatever. I encourage you to message me saying so. You must also give me visible credit.
Don't forget to give me credit!

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Stay tuned for my next epic build!
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rlly, awesome place!
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Nice place, mr. mascotte face of Disturbed
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All I can say is WOW!
Amazing Job!
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Wow diamond for u
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Snow Ashe
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Very nice
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Awesome build!
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you updated it? this is awesome! love the storyline!
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You better win lol
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Hey man! I made a cinematic on your build! Message me back on what you think about it and if you would just help me by subscribing it would be greatly appreciated
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noob :D

So much better than mine ;) I just wanted the particapant trophy.
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