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~ 09/03/2020 Nuclear Bunker ~

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Domolas avatar Domolas
Level 39 : Artisan Cookie
The day is here. I've built this nuke-proof bunker so we can survive the nuclear attacks of 09/03/2020.

This build is a base that makes extensive use of obsidian (which cannot be destroyed by explosions) and contains 11 rooms, including the entrance room, upper room, main room, bedroom, storage room, enchanting room, brewing room, portal room, wheat farm room, animal farm room, and tree farm room. Rooms on different heights are generally connected by ladders or weeping vines, with the exception of the brewing room, which is connected to the enchanting room by stairs.

Near the entrance, there are some security features, such as the piston door at the entrance, which is controlled by a button hidden among other buttons. The iron trapdoor just past it is also controlled by a button, but there are 2 buttons near it, with only one controlling the trapdoor.

Please download the map in version 1.16.2 or above.

Made by Domolas
Progress95% complete

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09/03/2020 5:26 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Cake
DereC4 avatar
Apologies kind sir, but I have tested your bunker against around 10 charged creepers with 127 explosion power and have horrifically discovered that your bunker has many holes and does not have an outer layer, leading to the inside being destroyed as well during the event of a nuclear explosion. If you still have access to this world, could you line the outer wall with another layer of obsidian to block out all vulnerable blocks? For example, most of your sea lanterns are exposed to the outside and as a result explosions destroy them and enter your bunker.

Thank you for your time!
09/03/2020 1:34 pm
Level 40 : Master Crab
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