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[1.16.5] The Zombie Apocalypse 6: Legacy Edition

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Explore both new and familiar locations as you struggle to survive the apocalyptic wasteland, fight evil villains, and build a new future for mankind. The Zombie Apocalypse 6: "Afterlife" is the biggest open-world zombie apocalypse map to date, and the Ultimate Edition includes all 8 Major DLC Updates to give you crossover stories between Interactive Nordic and DaniBuilds, a huge naval map expansion with private islands and a beached warship, a ton of new huge expedition missions, and much, much more!

Required Mods (Forge):

Biomes o' Plenty

Legacy Edition Content
The Legacy Edition of The Zombie Apocalypse 6 will give you access to all Ultimate Edition DLCs in addition to all the content that was cut from the original map, including a new jungle valley and mountain expansion, new costumes, new special rewards, brand new custom traders, and more! If you're wondering what the Ultimate Edition DLCs are about, take a look at the DLC list below!


DLC #1: "The Diamond Hotel & Resort"
The Diamond Hotel & Resort is now open! Travel to the Hotel in Paris to meet the Diamond Trader, get yourself your own Penthouse, and embark on five brand new expedition missions from familiar locations seen in Kingdoms - Chapter 1, Kingdoms - Chapter 2, and The Zombie Apocalypse 2: "Hell's Fury"!

DLC #2: "Crossover Stories"
You've travelled far to help the Diamond Trader discover forgotten cities from the Dark Age, but now he has a new journey for you to take; rumors have spread across the lands about a community of people, far to the North, thriving in the cold winter landscape. However, that's not all - these people are under control of Mr Penguin, and now it's your job to free them from his wrath... to get started, head to the Diamond Hotel & Resort!

DLC #3: "Open Waters"
Travel to one of the largest oceans in the world, with a private island for you to take and use as your own - and while you're there, look out for the dangerous Doctor Octopus, the newest villain introduced to the Zombie Apocalypse 6.

DLC #4: "The Gilded Phoenix Arena"
A brand new arena has opened up in a hidden mountain valley, where you can test your skills in combat against a big variety of Arena Champions, and maybe even defeat "The Arena Master" himself...

DLC #5: "The Dark Dragon"
A set of Ender Eyes have been added around the map, allowing you to travel to the end dimension and defeat the legendary Ender Dragon.

DLC #6: "Dreams & Nightmares"
Explore different locations in the dream dimension as you search for the infamous Doctor Doom. Will you be able to stop him?

DLC #7: "Journey to the Desert"
Travel to a small desert valley to fight & defeat "The Cursed One" while searching for the famous Notch Costume Set and other useful tools made of Copper and Onyx.

DLC #8: "The Spooky Place"
The Ghost of Halloween threatens the minds of the country's survivors, and the only way to stop him is to travel through one of the rifts that take you to the dream dimension, and defeat him in combat.

The Ultimate Edition of the Zombie Apocalypse 6 also adds hundreds of new special items, costumes, and quests, as well as new features like Wandering Traders, Special Traders, fast travel, mining locations, and much more!

Alternatively, you can click HERE to check out the free to play Standard Edition of this map!
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Update #1 : by Nordic Studios 05/01/2024 6:23:32 amMay 1st

- The map is now available for free via Curseforge

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08/27/2022 12:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
man019's Avatar
For some reason I can't find the "rar" or "zip" file of this map, even on patreon. Is this map not released yet?
08/27/2022 12:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
man019's Avatar
only found the ultimate edition
Nordic Studios
08/27/2022 12:42 pm
Level 77 : Legendary Creator
Nordic Studios's Avatar
Hey! I’m sorry to hear that. I will look into the issue immediately :)
Nordic Studios
08/27/2022 12:46 pm
Level 77 : Legendary Creator
Nordic Studios's Avatar
This issue should now be fixed, thank you for reporting the problem!
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