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Tetraphosphate avatar Tetraphosphate
Level 26 : Expert Zombie
You have just spawned in a world. Unfortunately, that world only consists of one chunk, so you'll have to live with that.

By the way, if you get to the Nether and the End, they are made of more than one chunk. So the one-chunkness is only in the Overworld.

This world works in Minecraft 1.10, as well as 1.9 and 1.8
Resources to find (Spoilers) - click to view
If you look down the side of the chunk, you may see a stronghold and a dungeon. There are also 7 blocks of diamond ore (enough for a pick and sword and enchanting table) buried somewhere.
CreditTacoBacoTobacco (Dragons4554 in Minecraft), for helping me fill out the space between the ores with stone.
Progress100% complete

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