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2-bit calculator (addition)

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mick_the_mine's Avatar mick_the_mine
Level 43 : Master Engineer
hello ther, my name is mick breiting and this is my 2bit adder, its more ment like a joke than anything else however it works 100% this is ofc my 2nd adder, all tho i dont see it as my 2nd one as this was a little project i made, ther is not much info on this one becuse it works just like my old adder, ther will be a link here to the Adder, ther you can see what it consist of and how it works, a 2bit adder is prety much the smallest you can ever make, becuse making a machine doing 0-1 minus 0-1 seems a little bit silly, all tho you could do it, if you enjoyed this then please give it a comment or diamond :D
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