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2 Block (similar to one block but HARDER)

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DracoFAAD avatar DracoFAAD
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Hello to 2 Block! Wait? it looks like 1 block! Is this a scam? No! it isn't! This is 2 Blocks. the 1 block that regenerates 1 time. which means 2 grass blocks at the beginning! Will you build your imperium with just 2 BLOCKS? We will find out!

Read me:

How to start into the first stage: (getting the materials needed for Skyblock)

You start into the first stage by getting wood. How do we get wood? Very easy! Convert 1 grass block to dirt. But how? Well, just place those 2 grass blocks on top of each other and wait until the bottom blocks transform into a dirt block. now break the dirt block. You got your first sapling!

Let it grow for 1 minute. After it's grown you can go 2 ways. 1. Way: Getting a Bucket. getting a bucket is hard. it will require you 108 charcoal to get 1 bucket. you get charcoal by breaking oak logs. 2. Way: Build a comfy home! Your imagination will choose your way!

How to get a lava bucket:


How to get a water bucket:

You just put 8 oak leaves and 1 bucket in the crafting table.

You just completed stage 1! Now your imagination will lead your way to a Skyblock empire. GG!


If you only got 1 grass block from the 2 block start. open lan with cheats on and execute this command:

/scoreboard players set @s mined_grassblock 1

If you got 0 grass blocks then execute this command:

/scoreboard players set @s mined_grassblock 0



dirt path: random sapling (you won't get your dirt back! (increases difficulty!))

dirt: oak_sapling (you won't get your dirt back! (increases difficulty!))

farmland: dirt and a random flower

grass_block: a grass_block!

oak_leaves: oak leaves and apples, etc.

oak_log: 15% grass_block, 25%charcoal, 100% oak_log

coarse_dirt: 50% sand


husk: 50% sand

tropical fish: coral fans

wither: 50% netherite_scrap

zombie: 50% gravel


blackstone: 2 stone and 2 basalt

block of coal: 9 charcoal

dripstone block: 3 water and 1 stone

9 dripstone: dripstone block

iron nugget: 4 charcoal

kelp: 4 seagrass

lava bucket: 8 blocks of coal and 1 bucket

netherrack (2x2): 4 weeping wines

obsidian: 8 blackstone and 1 stone

powdered snow bucket: 8 milk buckets and 1 bucket

snowball: powdered snow bucket

water bucket: 8 leaves and 1 bucket


2 Block Skyblock but you need simple knowledge on how you can turn grass blocks into dirt...

47% faster crops!

CreditDracoFAAD029#9914 (discord) ; dracofaadyt (twitch) ; dracofaad (yt) ; inspiration: ijaminecraft (one block creator)
Progress100% complete

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Update #3 : by DracoFAAD 09/06/2022 2:41:38 amSep 6th

- Removed Secret

Secret will come back!

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10/21/2021 10:23 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Modder
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I hope you like it!
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