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12/03/2012 12:38 am
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The Mayan theory is incorrect due to this:
they did not count leap years ever, so basically their calendar has already ended, tru dat bro.
06/18/2013 11:33 am
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Hey, im from the future. WE SURVIVED!
12/03/2011 3:25 pm
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Very nice.

To all the people arguing over the apparant 'End of the world' Situation, I will hopefully explain everything.

The Mayan's calender is said to end later next year [which for all you idiots reading, that is 2012]. People believe the world will end as a result of this ending. The Mayan's were a mystic race who died out ages ago. The reason people dont believe in the Mayan theory of the world ending is that there are no more Mayan's to complete the whole of the calender, as they didnt have enough time to write the whole calender, so it must stop somewhere. The reason to believe in them is that almost 90% of what they predicted said was going to happen, actually happened.

They said that in 1936 millions of people would be killed by an evil German man. [Hitler]

They said that there would be a large blackout in the late 19th centuary, which was true.

They had many many predictions that I really can not say of the top of my head, so if you are interested. Google the 'Mayan predictions' And you will get a large list.

Another possibility of the world ending is that of the giang Hydron collider in the EU. This is a giant machine which collides 2 atoms together to try and create dark matter. 'Dark matter' is the opposite of everything, we are all made of matter, everything is, but in the scientific world matter can not be possible with out dark matter. Dark matter is a mysterious thing. No-one knows what it is, but they know that if they collide 2 atoms they can recreate a scaled version of a giant explosion when a star dies, this is similiar to the big bang, which created everything. The size and force of the explosion will create elements higher than 4 in the periodic table. The reason the scientists are trying to recreate this is for energy, and to study how and what happens when these elements are created.

A nuclear missile has a similiar procces in which it collides 2 halves of an atom together to create a catastrophic explosion.

The technology in the Hydron collider is not close enough to get anything perfected, and they can not say what will happen.

Some of the outcomes of the test which will happen in 2012 are:

  • Nothing

  • A black hole will be created causing the worlds density to be raised, and then it will be crushed into the size of a pea. Then it will implode and go through the black hole, and just leave a big void in which the earth once was.

  • Dark matter will be created and studied upon.

  • A giant explosion will destroy the world several times. [Not literally but the energy forced out will cause such damage strong enough it will be able to destroy everything]

All of these are good and bad. The studies are said to be finalised and ready for testing in mid 2012, which makes people believe that the world can end in 2012.

Another theory is the solar flare theory that will cause the core of the earth to slow, then the magnetic field to crash allowing a giant wave of gas and heat to come and destroy practically everything on earth.

Another is the poles switching, in which it might cause global disruptions, so giant heat waves and mass freezes, eruptions and storms etc...

One more theory is that global warming will cause massive problems, but in fact global warming is nothing to be worried about. All it is, is the enevitable ending on the ice age. This is nothing bad, it just means the polar ice caps will heat up and melt, which will cause either salt lake volcano to erupt destroying emica or the gulf stream to stop, which will put the world into a major freeze, and most probably a new ice age. This will happen in around 4 years and then we will be in a new ice age. And that is it, all the phony news reports on Co2 emisions are all to cover up the truth, the government know exactly what will happen and just dont tell the public the truth. All the information on the global emissions is nothing to be worried about, as it only causes arounf 17% in total of the emissions. The thing which they dont tell you is that the sea produces 80% of the global Co2 emissions, and the rest is the rest of the world. So all the eco friendly business is nothing to be worried about. I studied this in university last year and I know that it is nothing to be afraid of!

I hope I covered most theories and you are all at some understanding of the whole confusion.

01/20/2014 2:07 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Prince
Zeph_Kat's Avatar
I know this is a very late response but you're wrong about a major thing. The Big Bang was not an explosion (it's a common misconception, "Big Bang" is a horrible name for the theory), and it was also most definitely not a collision. You're wrong about a few other things but I'm not that picky, I'm just really picky when it comes to the Big Bang because most people are extremely misinformed when it comes to this theory.
05/31/2013 2:53 pm
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crapnall's Avatar
man I would actually be scared if it weren't 2013
02/19/2012 8:25 am
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John Paparman
John Paparman's Avatar
I thought I was going to read something coming from a crazy conspiration guy, but actually everything your wrote make some sense.
02/20/2012 12:23 pm
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xoxHOODR4Txox's Avatar
02/19/2012 7:59 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Geek
mayor676's Avatar
1 how would they know about germany if they lived in mexico and knew nothing about europe?

2 how would they know about a blackout if there was no electricity?

everything else makes sense though
12/03/2012 12:35 am
Level 45 : Master Explorer
Defcon9000's Avatar
tru dat bro.
11/20/2011 7:04 am
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2012 - fake but project nice :D
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