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Bow Practice! Great for PvP trining!

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Samhopper99 avatar Samhopper99
Level 16 : Journeyman Ninja
New map:
So I recently hit 25 subscribers on my youtube channel: 5amg1
This is really great for me, so I have decided to make a small map (for the use of my subscribers and others)
Seeing as I only really do PvP videos, I have made a bow training map, this is purely to increase your bow skills.
Please subscribe as I am starting to make a map for my 50 subscriber milestone, a fun parkour minigame, I can't wait for it!

What to do:
Once you have installed the map (check installer instructions), you will be presented with a small corridoor, to the left there is a button, push this for a bow, some food and 64 arrows! Then you turn left onto a small bridge, when you have entered the bridge you are ready to shoot zombies, these zombies are slightly faster than normal zombies, and are around the same speed as a player walking!

Installer Instructions:
Download the file by pressing Install mcedit instructions, this wil be a world save file, type %appdata% into your search bar, and click roaming. After clicking this, you  will be presented with a variety of folders. Click ".minecraft" and drag the mcedit file into the saves folder.

How it works:
When you are stood on the tripwires, zombies will spawn moving from one wall to the other, once they have got to the other end without you shooting them, they will be dropped into the void, killing them. the zombies are summoned using the /summon command going around in a clock, please download the map for a ful overveiw of the redstone

This is a Project origionally created by Sam_Cow (5amg1, samhopper99 and oTWKo, these are all the same person) If you wish to use the commands or redstone in this map, please credit me in the description of the upload!
Progress100% complete

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