2D Minecraft (DEMO) For 1.2 (1.1 compatible)

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Level 12 : Journeyman Ranger
2D Minecraft Adventure / Puzzle Map

A 2D RPG - like Adventure!

*DEMO* You will be notified when you reach the end of the demo.

*DEMO* Full Version is under construction.

  • You CAN use furnaces
  • You CAN craft tools, armour and weapons (arrows incl.)
  • You CAN NOT craft buttons, levers or minecarts
  • You CAN NOT use mods
  • You CAN NOT break or place blocks
  • You CAN NOT fish
  • You CAN NOT pass though areas that require certain items, without the certain item
  • You CAN NOT enter the background
  • You CAN NOT damage the foreground

* Rules may change in certain areas


Mob Zones & Dungeons: Fight Mobs!
  • No changed rules

Lumber: Grow Trees! Chop Down Trees!
  • You CAN break leaves and wood block
  • You CAN NOT break blocks unless they are part of the tree within the
  • You CAN NOT grow trees other than birch

Ore Zones: Mine! Mine! Mine!
  • You CAN break ore blocks
  • You CAN NOT break fences, stone or wood blocks

Sand Pits: Dig Sand! Find Loot!
  • You CAN place sand blocks
  • You CAN break sand blocks
  • You CAN break ore blocks
  • You CAN NOT break dirt blocks

Fish Spot: Fish to your hearts content
  • You CAN fish

Thanks for playing!

Additional Notes

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Full version is still under construction
Progress: 100% Complete

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