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Minecraft Maps / Land Structure

2nd Empire attempt

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zerohfour04 avatar zerohfour04
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
random quick build, based entirely on the reference this time! apparently this is 2nd empire architecture :) i decided to add the leaves to experiment with overgrown looks although it might be too much. let me know what you think.
i've been binge watching WBC's entire channel and decided to try and apply some techniques to this build like the windows with the trap doors. hopefully i managed to capture the reference image well enough to translate it more or less into minecraft.
i will likely be too lazy to do the interior
Progress80% complete

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03/27/2021 12:59 pm
Level 24 : Expert Architect
Pancen avatar
Nice, the foliage really adds a lot
03/27/2021 1:10 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
zerohfour04 avatar
thank you!
03/12/2021 8:33 am
Level 10 : Journeyman Architect
Mr_Loundrin avatar
This is actually super well done! I certainly don't think the leaves are too much, they really work well. I'd love to see an interior, if you get around to it :)
03/12/2021 10:29 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
zerohfour04 avatar
thank you! i’ll be sure to update if i do get around to it :)
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