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Hi there! I am very glad that you have entered this plot to see my "3 block elevator"! This elevator was created because I was bored in quarantine.

If you are wondering how did I do this, I have a litematic file and a world folder download listed below (not direct link download because litematic file is not supported). This was done in 1.16. Inspired by HexRegulus's Video Link here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZVDLRXC3EI&t=329s
History - One day, me and my friends were playing in a creative server. My friend asked me if I could make an elevator with floor selection. My very first idea was making the Mumbo Jumbo's elevator (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWT5lvsccnU) for him, but then it does not have floor selection. So then I found HexRegulus's Video and his cool elevator. I am very surprised because his elevator is good and productive. So, I made my friend a 9 block elevator that is based on his build with some different settings.

A few weeks later, I came out with an idea to compress the elevator I have made earlier. I squeezed them to a small size which forms a 3 block elevator. To my surprise, it works faster and more efficiently than my previous elevator. So I decided to share it here.
About the elevator - This elevator is not resource-friendly. It contains lots of observers to function. I also changed the button that activates the elevator, into a note block to free space. This elevator is more based on Creative Mode. I also find it interesting because when you stack up observers with Redstone lamps, the Redstone tick at the end of the circuit equals the row of Redstone lamps in it. So you will see me trying to lock the repeater for the call function.
CreditHexRegulus, Mumbo Jumbo
Progress100% complete
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