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[4k x 4k] Isle of Marne

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  Hi everyone!

  Whew, first submission! Marne is a 4096 x 4096 map made using World Machine and Worldpainter. I have a few important things to say.

  I'm not satisfied with the state of the map: some experiments ended up being plain ugly, it's smaller than what I'd like it to be, and it feels rushed (for good reason). There are two reasons for it being published like that: first, I have something far bigger in mind and not enough time to polish this one (which amounts to pretty much only a learning experience with World Machine) and work on the new one at the same time; second, as I'm stopping working on this one and starting something new, I hope that the feedback I get here will help me make something you and I find great.

  The map is made for 1.12, not 1.13 (you can always load it but I'm not confident about Worldpainter not breaking something as it has not been updated yet). It has caves, chasms and ores, but no structure whatsoever, so I recommend it for building or light-ish survival.

  A final word about credits and what's to come. Thanks a lot to lentebriesje for his custom trees pack, which allowed me to rush the f*** out of this one to get to something more interesting. That, and honestly these trees look damn good. Thanks to imbilio and Jamziboy for their timelapses, which helped me a lot. Now, about the next one:
  •  It will be either 8k x 8k or 16k x 16k (or 16k x 16k, what would you prefer? whelp, looks like it would take a decade and a half to export on World Machine not anymore! sweet professional edition, here I come!).
  •  It will be more varied, with way more biomes (better placed, too, climate worldbuilding articles, here I come).
  •  It will have hand-made custom trees, structures and natural landmarks.
  •  It will integrate a custom resource pack, slightly changing some vanilla textures, adding alternative textures and replacing concrete blocks and glazed terracota with more useful blocks (plus custom loot once I can port it correctly to 1.13).
  Thanks for reading all of this, have fun! Oh, and don't forget to diamond and subscribe if you like it :) There will be more to come.

  • Don't repost the map, even with credits, if you didn't modify it to a meaningful extent. Link to this page instead.
  • If you did a build or adventure map based on this one, ask before reposting and don't forget to credit me if I allow you to do so.
  • You can use it as a server map as long as you credit me, as always.
CreditThanks to lentebriesje for his custom trees pack
Progress100% complete

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