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64x64 Random maze

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mad_hmpf's Avatar mad_hmpf
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Infinitely tileable random self building redstone maze

*** lag optimized version ***

As the title suggests, this is a random redstone maze, with no visible redstone on the surface.

The entrance is at the red beacon, the exit is at the green one.
To generate a new maze, just push the start button and wait a while.
This version has been optimized to reduce lag, by replacing all furnaces with glazed terracotta and changing the order in which the maze is generated.

When you open the world you should see 2 different mazes:
  • a small 16x16 above ground which is in reset state
  • a huge 64x64 buried underground, which has already been initialized
Both work exactly the same, but the smaller one also has a clock as an extra feature.
If you activate the clock, the maze will change every few seconds (to slow it down, add items to the hoppers)

You might notice that the generated mazes are not all that complicated to solve (in fact, solving the maze is trivial when you start at the exit).
This is due to the primitive maze generation algorithm that i used.

64x64 Random maze Minecraft Map
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
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1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by mad_hmpf 07/21/2020 5:49:23 pmJul 21st, 2020

Lag optimized version
  • replaced all furnaces with glazed terracotta
  • changed update order to limit the number of cells updated simultaneously

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