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16x16 Ephemeral Redstone Maze

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Ephemeral Redstone Maze

This is a fully randomized 16x16 redstone maze which changes as you traverse it. You have to find your way from the red entry corridors to one of the blue exit corridors, but you won't know where the correct exit is, until you actually reach it.

Whenever you step into the red cell, one of 32 possible exits is randomly selected. The rest of the maze is randomly generated around you, and will be different if you leave an area and come back later. Because of this, the path to the exit is always changing and the maze feels quite a bit bigger than it actually is.

Additional information

Why only 16x16?
The core of the maze is infinitely tileable, so it could technically be made much, much bigger. However, since each cell contains a pufferfish in a minecart, this design can cause quite a bit of entity-lag. 16x16 is the maximum size that still runs smooth on my potato, so that's what i went with. (If your potato is worse than mine, try installing JellySquid's mods Sodium, Lithium and Phosphor)

What's with that lag spike at world load?
There is a pufferfish-related bug (MC-200906) which causes player detectors to get stuck on chunk loading. So when the world is loaded, the entire maze is generated at once (instead of just a small section at a time). Nothing i can do about that, so we'll just have to hope that bug will get fixed at some point.

Why is there a command block? That's cheating!
That command block exists because of the same bug and is activated once at world load. It will set all fish to their puffed state, allowing them to deflate again to get the detectors unstuck. The maze itself is 100% survival-friendly redstone, and i do indeed have a version with a survival-friendly workaround. However, that alternative workaround requires an armor stand launcher for each group of 2x2 cells, causing more lag. Also, because of the space required by the launcher, i couldn't get those cells to be as nicely synchronized.

16x16 Ephemeral Redstone Maze Minecraft Map
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
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12/05/2020 1:36 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
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Nice work of redstone without command-blocks (ignoring the ones because of MC-bugs)
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