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Achievement Hunter Games - Ice Cube & Mega Tower

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avatar billybob884
Level 38 : Artisan Engineer
TL;DR ‒ I recreated and automated some old Achievement Hunter games, because: fun.

NOTE: This map will not work with Minecraft versions later than 1.8.4 due to the removal of dispensers ability to place command blocks.

Project Description
     This is a two-in-one build I finished a few months ago (but never got around to posting). I had been experimenting with using command block dispensers as randomizers (before they were removed in 1.8.5 anyway), and re-watching a lot of old Achievement Hunter Minecraft videos, and had an idea on how to automate some of their games. Included in this project are Mega Tower (ep. 113, originally posted July 25, 2014), and Ice Cube (ep. 101, originally posted May 2, 2014).

All credit to Achievement Hunter for the original games!

Mega Tower is an elimination game. The objective is to collect enough materials to build a Tower of Pimps (four gold blocks atop an obsidian block) by mining through an enormous wool playing field, in the shape of a Tower of Pimps. The catch is, there are fewer and fewer blocks as players ascend, so the slowest player is eliminated at each level, until only two remain at the top. This game is meant for 5 to 6 players.

Ice Cube is a race to build a Tower of Pimps, but instead of tunneling through wool, the playing field is an enormous block of ice. Players can see the silhouette of the items within, but block types are indiscernible until they are dug out. Chests with bonus items and pit falls are also scattered throughout the field. This game is meant for 2 to 8 players.

Technical Junk (for those that care)
Mega Tower

     According to the let's build, the original build is 278,000 blocks, which works out to be cubes approximately 38³. To simplify the randomizer, my build consists of cubes sized at 37³. The randomizer consists of three arrays of dispensers loaded with pre-programmed command blocks. Each array teleports an armor stand in a random direction, one array for the X coordinate, one for the Y, and one for the Z. After each X/Y/Z teleport, an “execute/setblock” command places an obsidian or gold block within the playing field. This is repeated for each “cube” of the wool tower.
     The control center also includes an option to give players infinite torches, and one to reveal the remaining blocks hidden in the tower; any existing tunnels are filled with glass and the remaining wool is removed. It ends up looking like an ant farm.

Ice Cube
     The exact size of the cube was never stated (not that I could find, anyway), but I estimate the original at 50Lx50Wx65H. Similarly to Mega Tower, I’ve sized it at 65³ to simplify the randomizer. To speed up the playing field generation (since significantly more blocks need to be placed), 5 sets of randomizer arrays are used to teleport 5 armor stands throughout the massive ice block, placing gold blocks, chests, pit falls, and other assorted items.
     The control center here includes several options. Similarly to ice cube, you can reveal all remaining blocks, but also included are options to enable/disable trap pits and bonus chests during playing field generation.

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CreditAchievement Hunter / Rooster Teeth
Progress100% complete

09/27/2015 4:11 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
I'll admit, the way this works is really freaken cool, totally saves all the time of rebuilding everything yourself and putting things in and whatnot, and just have the game do it for you so you can just replay it over and over again.
Amazing. Diamonds to you c:
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