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Nyan Pig (Rideable Nyan Cat)

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This game works best in 1.8.9.

GFY Video: http://www.gfycat.com/OblongFlamboyantHaddock

This is a partial recreation of iChun's "Trail Mix" mod, done in vanilla Minecraft.

The original mod added a number of fextures surrounding an added edible item, 'trail mix'. In my recreation, you can feed any pig some Nyan Fuel, slap a saddle on it, and fly to your Nyan-heart's content! While flying, you will enjoy a beautiful trailing rainbow particle effect and a minecraft rendition of the original Nyan Cat song!

In the original, you controlled the pig's flight using the WASD keys and can look around freely. In my build, the Nyan Pig flies in the direction the riding player is facing. Just like in the mod, once your pig runs out of Nyan Fuel, it loses it's will to fly (and drops from the sky!). Unlike the mod, however, the pig will not detonate on impact. I've also included a form of collision detection, so the player won't end up flying through a wall, floor, or ceiling.

There are a few drawbacks to my recreation, however. This build uses rapid command block clocks, so it's less than ideal for servers (videos and pictures were captured through single player open-LAN. Also, the rainbow particles seem to sppear in front of the pig sometimes, but for a quick project, I'm satisfied with it.

Imgur Album: http://imgur.com/a/DBa1W
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